Trump’s Inauguration (2)

I have already posted once on the matter of Donald J Trump’s inauguration to the US presidency, as well as several Trump related blogs, and it was my intention that the next time I post on the matter it will be AFTER he has been inaugurated, something that will take place later today (barring some catastrophic event).


I am posting now as there is a lot I want to get off my chest.When I post again on the subject (likely tomorrow) there will be a lot more I would like to add, based upon what will transpire in the next few hours. I feel a bit guilty at being so fixated with Donald Trump and the possible ramifications should (as is nigh certain) he becomes the 45th President of the USA, noon today (local time), 5pm GMT.

My fascination with Donald Trump began way back when he put his hat in the ring and was considered by many, including me, as a joke candidate, but also having interesting and sometimes pertinent things to say. Now, he can no longer be dismissed and not taken seriously, for he is about to become the most powerful man on the planet. Some look to him to lead America into a new Promised Land, although caution is urged since some thought the same about his predecessor. I realise, maybe I should be taking more interest in British politics, but I find it all fascinating. Issues like Brexit, the NHS and how to deal with the poor and marginalized are important, but for this season past I have fixed my eyes on across the Pond, yet mindful of Ronald Reagan’s words: “you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

When I raised the issue of Trump’s victory dividing America in a way, often bitterly, I have not seen with past Presidents, one friend argued that changes in administration often does have that effect, and no doubt more so as ideologically speaking Obama and Trump appear to be (and are) poles apart. I have seen this polarization among some of my friends. In fact, the majority look upon a Trump Presidency with discomfort at best and shock, horror, disaster at worst. This includes many of my community activist friends and my Christian friends (some operating in both camps). I therefore try to write with a degree of restraint and yet I cannot hide a sense of cautious optimism given Trump is about to take over. If making America great again has any meaning, it is more likely to happen under a Trump as opposed to an Obama or Clinton administration.

I do not look upon Trump with rose tinted spectacles as some do – far from it. I see him as flawed on all sorts of fronts, not so much because of his alleged racism, misogyny, narcissism etc. but because of his past dodgy business dealings and not enough evidence he is truly penitent concerning his sins of the past. When it comes to issues like minority rights, climate change and healthcare for the poor, I share concerns raised. I concur with some of the thoughts of one American preacher, John Piper, in an article he wrote, titled: “How to Live Under an Unqualified President”. I get it when people cast aspersions concerning the qualifications of Trump’s team. Yet I look forward to Trump taking over as President. I have given my reasons for preferring Trump to the alternatives that were on offer in previous blogs (e.g. see here).

So much has been happening I could comment on, and I have to confess these past few weeks I have been reading and watching all sorts of stuff. Mindful of the human tendency of assimilating stuff one is more likely to agree with, while I have watched more than my fair share of Fox News and Alex Jones, I have tried to take in what Trump’s detractors have said and done. I was interested, most recently, to listen to what outgoing Vice-President Jo Biden had to say in his farewell speech. The theme that struck me was that Trump is a danger because he is a threat to the New World Order (which he and the administration he served seemed to promote). This for me is a good reason for wanting Trump to sort out a world that is going in a wrong direction and maybe even lead the American people back to their founding principles. One video, “The Promise of American Renewal”, by a Jewish rabbi, reminds us of the original American dream to covenant with the Almighty. While America’s woes are many, I believe these will be better dealt with under Trump.

It is regrettable that so many Democrat Congressmen have declared they will boycott the inauguration ceremony. It is regrettable there has been “fake news” and a concerted effort to undermine and derail the inauguration process. I am saddened to hear that some of those who said they will protest may not do so peaceably. People need to stand up to Trump when he is wrong and to make him accountable, but I believe peoples’ interests will be best served when they seek common ground and work together on that basis. I have no doubt the Russians have “hacked” and sought to influence the election outcome (and should be taken to task on the matter), but Trump’s detractors should also recognize he won fair and square.

If I had the time and energy, I would be glued to my screen watching historical events unraveling – a show worth watching! Given this is my first time watching the process that close, I have been impressed at the American way in orchestrating this transition of power, and its traditions. As it is, when the action really hots up, I will be managing a night shelter for the homeless. It occurs to me, this is the real world too, and a bit of it I can be more than a spectator.


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