Obama’s Legacy (4)

I have posted thrice on the subject (here, here and here) and hadn’t expected to do so again but since the matter of Obama’s legacy keeps being raised and comparisons are being drawn with the incoming President, I feel I need to restate my position. What I wrote I wrote and in the interest of economy of effort I won’t go over old ground more than I need to. But given the number of my “friends” who think Barrack Obama is a pretty cool guy as opposed to their view that Donald Trump, who is about to replace him, is a pretty crass guy, I felt it is time to consolidate my thoughts and once again say why I look forward to the transition of power in two days time.


I should make it clear that I am pretty sure Obama is a likable fellow who conducts himself well, not just publically but in private also, who has the ability to inspire others. I reckon, I would more likely rate Obama above Trump on the personality stakes. I can quite get it when in a conversation I had with a highly respected friend, a little prior to Obama becoming President, he made a statement to the effect he preferred Obama to anyone else because he liked his values (I think relating to empowering minorities and helping the poor), then later people being taken with his hope and change rhetoric and, more recently, putting Obama side by side to Trump, he seemed more presidential and creditable, displaying dignity and decorum.

I think my gripe with Obama is two fold: firstly he has not delivered on hope and change (rather it has been hope dashed and the change has been of the wrong sort) and secondly his ideology sucks (which is relevant since many of his bad decisions have been based on his ideology). Whether I look at domestic policy or foreign affairs, my take is America is worse off at the end of his presidency and the world is a less safe place because of his misplaced ideology, which has among other things contributed to the refugee crisis we are now seeing. Change and hope is still needed but in eight years I doubt whether Obama has delivered on either and the election result is the verdict.I also doubt that any of us have all the facts and we are all products of our prejudices and influenced by biased news reporting.

I don’t know Donald Trump and my assessment of the man is based on the reporting that all of us have access to and which has led many of my friends to be dismayed at the prospect of him becoming President. Since I don’t do defending the indefensible, I won’t defend Trump when it comes to character. I have argued in my writings that notwithstanding Trumps many faults and foibles, he will do a better job for America than Obama has done, based on policy. While “make America great again” is arguably an empty cliché, I anticipate with Trump in charge things will get better. I know some friends will disagree but I hope we will remain friends in a day when principled people need to come together, and we can rationally reflect on these things in a years time over a beer.

Maybe Obama’s legacy is Trump! I have already given reasons for believing the above, and as I told a friend: read my f****** blog!


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