Trumpwatch 39 – the “Red Sea” moment

Two weeks ago, as it seemed obvious to many that Biden had won the US Presidential election, I posted my “Fat Lady” blog, stating until she had sung I could not concur with that view which in my view was premature. This was followed up with my “Time to Heal” blog where I offered a view this was not a time to heal. Merits of individual candidates aside, healing cannot happen based on lies.

Two weeks on and we still do not know one way or the other, despite many in the “Biden has won” camp being even more belligerent that their man had won, despite those in the Trump camp offering evidence that massive, orchestrated cheating had taken place and to such an extent that if that were not the case Trump would have won by a landslide. Unsurprisingly, most of mainstream media along with the formidable anti-Trump brigade are promoting the narrative Biden has won, pouring scorn on attempts to suggest otherwise.

Meanwhile, those of us in the Trump camp and inclined to the view massive cheating had taken place have to hold our breaths and not get disheartened, and do so amidst the scorn of those we know who are convinced Biden has won, because that is the story mainstream media and many of them in power would have us believe. I feel a bit like the man at the other end of Dirty Harry’s “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?” speech and while luck should not come into it and history is full of examples of elections won by stealth, with the populace being taken in, methinks the good guy, Trump, will prevail.

The news of further daily claims of fraud with supporting affidavits is not one we would be aware of if the BBC or CNN (and even Fox) are the news outlets we go to but it is happening. Such information is there to be found if we care to look and thankfully there are outlets that still do genuine news reporting. I refer, by way of an example, to the latest Eric Metaxas show podcast: John Zmirak Shares His Personal Knowledge Of The “Authenticity” Of Sidney Powell’s Investigation. It reflects on the recent press conference given by Rudi Guillani and Sidney Powell, lawyers in the Trump team, that they have found substantial evidence that there was fraud relating to two main areas: ballots illegally cast or lost and voting machine software manipulated to miscount the polls cast.

Time is short and as the unsympathetic media has claimed, those claims have to be substantiated beyond reasonable doubt, specifically in a court of law. I am optimistic, but not because I believe in the criminal justice system and as much as I admire Rudi Guilliani and Sidney Powell, given their past track records, proving their case beyond all reasonable doubt in a such a short time and in the face of an army of black hats thwarting their attempts, for such is the daunting undertaking they have before them. This is where Moses comes in. The story found in Exodus 14 tells of the escaping Israelites pursued by Pharoah’s chariots and hemmed in by the Red Sea – but a miracle took place. We are now at this Red Sea moment.

I believe things will happen in the next few weeks that will astonish all of us. Given where we are in the world right now and Trump’s re-election being the one thing standing in its way of the great reset all sorts from the bad guy camp are speaking about, believing with Trump out of the way they will prevail (no, I don’t believe in the rapture – it is a cop out, yes the great reset is bad and Biden will endorse it, yes election corruption in a free society is reprehensible and intolerable, yes some realise the above but many don’t, yes many Christians I love are oblivious to all this and yes we will soon see God’s glory as truth is revealed and justice is done). “And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever. The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace” Exodus 14:13,14. How it will pan out, I can’t say; nor can anyone else. My ability to change outcomes may be zero and best human efforts have limits, but I pray and hope! God will be glorified!


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