Trump and his three anti-Islam tweets

One of my recurring themes when I post into the blogosphere is the subject of “Culture Wars” (see here for my e-book on the subject) and also that of the rising tide of Islam (see here for my e-book on the subject). One of the issues arising out of this association is that the West, in taking in many more Muslim immigrants and rightfully trying to counter unfounded Islamophobia and racism, often ignores the evidence pointing to this having untoward consequences. This is being covered up due to the ruling elite’s obsession with political correctness. Those who challenge this imposed orthodoxy are often penalised. Maybe a distraction, but the following cartoon illustrates what those who challenge the accepted orthodoxy might face.

free speech

Everyday something crops up in my newsfeed to do with culture wars that gets me worked up. I would like to think it is because I care and I hate to see the neighbour I am called to love being sold a lie, rather than me merely being a grumpy old man. The other day it was about the Girl Guide movement allowing boys who identify as girls to shower with those who really are girls. Then I read an article by Tim Farron, the recent leader of Liberal Democrats, himself being an Evangelical Christian. The main reason for doing so was his Christian views e.g. on homosexuality had brought him into conflict with the Party. He reflected ironically that the Party that arose largely out of a nineteenth century Non-Conformist conscience movement has now become illiberal and those who follow their Christian informed views are not allowed to do so or else must face the consequences. I speak here as a libertarian whose motto is live and let live and allow people space to say, be, do what they want providing it doesn’t hurt or unnecessarily impose upon others.

All this brings me onto Donald Trump and his tweets, which once again have got people stirred up and this time “bigly”. Yesterday and today, my Facebook page has been inundated with news and views of his recent series of three tweets or rather re-tweets, and in this case those of the leaders of the far right group, Britain First. These have widely been deemed as hateful as well as anti Islam although arguably what he was trying to do was point out the dangers we face that are to do with the imposition of Islamic ideology. This is of interest to me because not only do I believe we face danger but by not warning the people of the threats of Islam (not all as I am often at pains to point out as well as make the point that most Muslims I meet are good, law abiding, God fearing people who I am happy to have as my neighbours. e.g. a few of them “Alhamdulillah” cook at the Soup Kitchen I chair) we a do a great disservice. It seems our rules have deemed it racist to criticize Muslims and Islam and most comply or else face the displeasure of the Thought Police. Naturally, the same rules do not apply when people criticize Christians and Christianity. Most who do comment on social media have been anti-Trump and unsurprising so has most mainstream media, and also unsurprisingly this was evident when listening to reports on the story in yesterday’s Radio 4 PM program, where the only people allowed a voice were Trump critics and his message was ignored.

I was reluctant to wade in without checking out the tweets on antipathetic news sources. Having done so, it seems one at least of the tweets is inaccurate and the other two are not what I would regard as best examples to make the point that some imported Islamists are threats to our peaceful existence. While I quite get that Trump uses Twitter to get his message out (and I say why not given that mainstream media won’t do so) I doubt sometimes his lack of wisdom and sensitivity, and sometimes shoots himself in the foot by giving ammunition to his enemies. Hatred against any group is a bad thing and groups like Britain First, while pointing out home truths that we ought to be told about, also spread hate and I fear by making these tweets Trump may be giving legitimacy to those who spread hate. Yet we need a debate about these taboo subjects or else be consigned to suffering disastrous consequences (some argue from what we are seeing across Europe this is already happening). If free speech is about to be shut down (and there is evidence of this too is happening) then this will create further problems and provide fuel to far right hate groups to do something right thinking people abhor. As for the backlash against Trump tweeting. I get it that Britain First was on the lips of the man who murdered MP Jo Cox, and why her bereaved husband should be leading the condemnation of Trump. But at the same time I am staggered at the hypocrisy of those who see no further than that Trump tweeted inappropriately. The mindset of Islamists that throw gays of buildings (one of the tweeted videos) exists in a significant minority of Muslim immigrants, which our government have done precious little to check.

Two articles: “Western Christianity in denial about radical Islam and “The Challenge of Islam in the UK”, seem to me to make at least some pertinent points on the Islamic threat matter as opposed to the sanctimonious clap trap by our leaders (including religious ones) that pretends there is no problem. My views on the matter when I wrote “Islamic terrorism – call it for what it is six months ago has if anything intensified and unsurprisingly little has changed since then as we see more polarisation. I don’t want to lose friends who choose to see Trump’s “anti-Islam” tweets as yet further examples of him being bad or mad rather than good (see here for where I stand on the matter), or get involved in more controversy e.g. the petition by “Hope not Hate” to stop Trump coming to the UK, or get embroiled with the political arguments between Trump and our own Prime Minister on the matter, and while I would do things different myself I can’t help being grateful that Trump is pointing out problems faced due to the onslaught of Islamic ideology. My contention therefore remains: we are facing grave danger and we need to wake up because our leaders are unlikely to act as they ought. Trump for all his faults gets this and as such needs commendation rather than condemnation.


Update 1/12/17

To an extent, the above meme reflects my view and of others, whose voices are too often ignored, that we as a country have got our priorities wrong. I have no problem speaking truth to power (it needs to happen) or standing up to bullies or pointing out to POTUS that re-tweeting a far right tweet can do damage because it plays into the hand of haters, but given the vitriolic anti-Trump campaign Mrs May and her cronies have succumbed to while at the same time refusing to address the “Islam problem”, which is to do with our losing the culture wars, and the dangers we face that the re-tweet was about, it is disappointing Trump will now not visit the UK. Of course, the UK’s special relationship with the US should not depend on whether or not the respective leaders get on, but sadly too often it does. I feel not only have we have missed a trick but we are looking again like becoming slaves to EU tyranny and our paying over the odds to keep the EU sweet I find sickening. Regardless of my views on our EU relations and the Islamic threat, in times like this I find myself crying out: Lord help us – for only He can!


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