Culture Wars

One of my fixations and one that relates to a lot of my community activism is that of “culture wars”, which according to one on-line definition is “a conflict between groups with different ideals, beliefs, philosophies, etc”. My own community activism is inspired by my Christian own convictions, that might be described as being of a more conservative, traditional flavor. As I go “outside the camp”, I increasingly encounter ideas that run counter to that understanding and sometimes this brings me and others into conflict with the prevailing culture, when the intention is to do what is beneficial for the community at large. Whether we face up to it or not, and most people don’t, who comes on top in the culture wars has an important sway as to what happens in the world, good or bad. Many stories that are in the news, even if only for a short time, are to do, at least in part, with the cultural battles we are now seeing but are too often ignored and dismissed. In the light of my “Christian” beliefs I have a view on what is going on, and how the culture wars should and will end. It does not stop me positively engaging with the culture or working with others, including Christians, who disagree with my views, although differing ideology can raise barriers. Deciding if and when to wade in with an opinion is at times a close call as I balance the fall out from doing so with my goals as a gospel preaching community activist, but is not something easily ignored if we want truth to prevail. What I try to do here is relate some of those stories that I have written about in the past to the culture wars.

Book 10: Last updated 12/02/2018

08/02/16 Truth, balance and free speech

05/02/18 The Nunes memo

26/01/18 Our society is in a malaise

18/01/18 The mass brainwashing of Germany

15/01/18 Who controls the Internet?

01/01/18 2017 – looking back; 2018 – looking forward (2)

27/12/17 2017 – looking back; 2018 – looking forward (1)

20/12/17 Net Neutrality

31/10/17 Nothing to celebrate: 50 years of abortion in Britain

16/10/17 Hillary Clinton and the lost art of interviewing

11/10/17 Harvey Weinstein – sexual predator

09/10/17 Las Vegas shootings, gun control and the truth

27/09/17 Playing the race card

18/09/17 What mainstream media fails to report

06/09/17 A time to blog; a time to retract

31/08/17 Reviewing the newspapers

30/08/17 Christian child forced into Muslim foster care

28/08/17 Spiritual Discernment and Journalistic Integrity

20/08/17 An open letter to the BBC re. biased reporting

19/08/17 Sarah Champion, Charlottesville and racism

16/08/17 Alex Jones, mainstream media and fake news

15/08/17 Charlottesville, left & right, news bias, Trump, Lee, etc.

13/08/17 Open letter to Alex Jones (Infowars)

07/08/17 Seven reasons why I am leaving Google

24/07/17 The Russian collusion delusion

03/07/17 Equality, Diversity, teaching ‘British values’ to children

22/06/17 When Tommy met Piers

31/05/17 Conspiracy Theories and Fake News

22/05/17 Open Letter to John Pavlovitz

28/04/17 You don’t drain the swamp; the swamp drains you

22/04/17 Equality Oath – a good idea!?

06/04/17 Conspiracy theories

02/04/17 Replacing Google with Drudge

31/03/17 Facebook – the good, the bad and the ugly

09/03/17 Generation Snowflake

06/03/17 The Deep State, Conspiracy Theories and Watergate

18/02/17 Globalism and one world government

09/02/17 Alex Jones and Info Wars

09/02/17 Milo Yiannopoulos; the Alt Right and the Alt Media

30/12/16 Your Political Correctness is Showing, Conservatives

06/12/16 Popularism

17/11/16 Post Truth

16/11/16 Progressive versus Traditional

29/10/16 Globalism, Brexit, US Politics, Global Conflict and Religion

07/10/16 Life, Marriage and Freedom

27/08/16 Hope not Hate (3)

20/05/16 Culture wars revisited

03/05/16 Golliwogs and political correctness

04/04/16 The Panama Papers leak

16/02/16 US Supreme Court judge dies

18/12/15 Wheaton College suspends teacher

08/12/15 More on culture wars

24/12/15 Sun editorials

22/11/15 The BBC presenter and the prison worker

17/10/15 Barack Obama, Christian values and culture wars

26/09/15 Controlling faith leaders

28/05/16 Anti-semitism, Islamophobia and culture wars

25/05/15 Protecting religious liberty

04/04/15 British values (2)

25/11/14 British values

02/10/14 Multiculturalism

27/08/14 Political correctness

01/05/14 Making Britain great


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