Globalism and one world government

I was taken to task by a friend, following my last blog post, for introducing the term “globalism” and this without explaining what my understanding of that word was. Usually when that happens, I rise to the challenge as I feel agreeing definitions matters, and I “google” the term to find a suitable definition, and often this is revealed on the first hit. This time, the definitions I found were unconvincing and did not match my understanding.


I see most words ending with “ism” relating to some ideology. In this case, I see globalism as that which sees the world dominated no longer by nation states but by a conglomerate of states, effectively leading to one world government. There are many who justify globalism as being the way to bring people together, pool resources, tackle problems like disease and climate trade, and prevent wars. Some of the critics of globalism see this as a ruse by a powerful elite, bringing together an unholy alliance of vested interests, ultimately subjugating the masses, further enriching the same elite. This is not the same as globalization, which is what we have been seeing more of in recent years, where communications and travel and inter-dependence when it comes to trade etc. and cross fertilization of ideas has become more a reality. The antithesis of globalism is nationalism, which puts national interests first and reject interference by outside interests. While I am not a globalist because I fear malevolence with overcome benevolence, I am not a nationalist either. I believe in taking a pride in one’s national cultural identity and yet to do so with a generous spirit that sees loving one’s neighbor in global terms.

As a Bible student believing there remains a good deal of unfulfilled prophecy, I naturally try to understand the rapidly unfolding events in the world in such a light. I also recognize my prejudices (for example, my default theological stable generally saw the EU as a bad thing given the way they interpreted scripture) and also the folly of trying to align world events and personalities to what I read in the Bible. Yet I identify trends, which I find not only fascinating but also necessary as we live for God in what may be regarded as “the Last Days”. In the beginning of the Bible we see the fall of globalism when God destroyed the Tower of Babel. At the end of the Bible we see the One World Government, under the control of the AntiChrist, and as that name suggests, it is a malevolent regime even if it is one that initially is welcomed by many of the people. Eventually the AntiChrist is defeated and the true Christ returns to Earth and he sets up a world government which is benevolent and righteous.

What we have been seeing in the past year is a reversal, which if my understanding of Bible prophecy is correct, is temporary, of a move toward globalism, with Brexit, the elevation of Donald Trump to the US presidency and moves happening across Europe in favour of nationalism. Even before that Russia had begun on this anti-globalist path. Because those who likely benefit most from globalism have suffered such a setback, and they have the power to do so, they have been able to activate a resistance which has the marks of being prolonged and viscous. While I have made my position quite clear over the past year, in my various blogs, it has not been my intention to give anti-globalists carte blanche to carry out their agenda. Rather it has been to alert people to what is going on, and to point them to the true Christ. “Even so, come, Lord Jesus”.


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