The Nunes memo

According to one of the many hits I got when I googled the subject and this from good old impartial BBC:After days – weeks – of breathless anticipation, the secret memo is a secret no more. Was it a bomb or a dud? Written by House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes and his staff, the memo was being billed by some conservatives as revealing misdeeds “worse than Watergate” and offences “a hundred times bigger” than what prompted the American Revolution. Meanwhile Democrats in Congress, and members of Donald Trump’s Justice Department, were fighting to keep the memo, warning that it contained “material omissions” and threatened revealing important intelligence-gathering methods. That’s a lot to pack into a four-page document. So what’s the scoop?” which it then tries to break down.

I have been following this story unfold for a some time now, and while I did so in eager anticipation that the memo would show further light on the covert and underhand workings of elements of the Deep State and dodgy dealings in high places, particularly by President Trump’s political opponents, I find that eagerness is not shared by much of mainstream media, some of which see it as a damp squib, although for large elements of the alternative media, led by the likes of InfoWars, it is seen as a bombshell. Having read the memo and considered the various angles, supportive and decidedly not, I am of the view it does highlight worrying goings on to undermine and get rid of a possible duly elected President through villainy, and what is needed now is to dig deeper.

I hope the evidence will be examined thoroughly by people of integrity and acted upon appropriately. When all is unraveled, and I am almost certain there is a lot more still to come and, notwithstanding my personal views, hopeful that truth will win out in the end with bad people brought to justice and good people vindicated. What is clear, at least to me, is that we have not seen the last of it, by a long way, and behind the memo there has been wicked activity of monumental portions, and the fact that the media does not get it and ordinary people don’t care I find troublesome.


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