Open letter to Alex Jones (Infowars)

Dear Alex

I like your show. I realize me saying that has lost me support from among friends but I thought I ought to let you know because when I criticize you (which I will come to) you will know it comes from the heart and that I really want you to succeed because I believe you are onto something important and provide an important service.

I have found in the past year or so spending a significant chunk of my time following the news and while I live in England I find strangely enough what is happening in America, especially now that Trump is President, a lot more interesting. But the big question is where can I find accurate news that covers what really matters?

This is where your show comes in. I find the three and a bit hours podcast (on YouTube – soon to be shut you down you claim) and I listen to that. Fortunately, since three quarters of it is you ranting or advertising your products, I can condense my listening experience to less than hour plus checking out stuff, but that is every weekday. The reason I do this is that you usually hit the target and accurate, all to your credit and your associates. Liberal, leftie, globalist types not liking and demonizing you is another reason to keep listening.

Take last night, for example. I turned on to your show live and that was because a story was starting to break, concerning the left-right violent stand off in Charlottesville, and I did so as I knew you would be covering it and with a different take to mainstream media. I quite get it that there was more to it than the white supremacists (the bad guys) fighting anti-fascists (the good guys), which you brought out.

All this I am grateful for so keep up the good work. There may be a lot I may disagree with you on, especially concerning conspiracy theories which you are notorious for, like Sandy Hook, and of course there are the gay frogs, but then there is a lot I agree with you also, and I wouldn’t have even known if it weren’t for your broadcasts. But here is my gripe – I can live with your profanities because I know this is partly your way to give vent to your anger, but at the precise moment I switched on last night you and a colleague were exchanging sexual innuendo regarding two well-known lady politicians who you happen to dislike, albeit with likely good reason. And by the way, it is things like this and some of your more colourful language, dramatics and put downs that put off some moderate types who I know, who would benefit from watching your show.

That was NOT on Alex and I literally felt sick, which is unusual for me. It was worse than Trump’s off guard locker room banter because this was meant for broadcast to folk like me that simply want to cut the c**p and for you to lay bare the facts. Also, speaking as a fellow Christian, the Bible tells us such behaviour is wrong, and that alone should settle the matter. It would be a sad day if the anti-Jones brigade that runs the Internet shuts you down, but you will only have yourself to blame if they do. So this is my plea: cut out the crudeness and I will support you when you break important stories other news outlets won’t touch and I will do so proudly even if it loses me friends, and regardless I will call crassness for what it is.

Yours sincerely

John Barber


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