Sarah Champion, Charlottesville and racism

Ask me a week ago who Sarah Champion is and I would have responded: I haven’t a clue. My first Google hit just now trying to find out more was titled: “Labour MP Sarah Champion resigns over grooming gang piece in The Sun”. The article begins: “Sarah Champion has resigned as shadow equalities minister over her incendiary article about grooming gangs in The Sun. The Labour MP for Rotherham caused controversy by writing a piece about the Newcastle paedophile ring, which the tabloid headlined: “British Pakistanis ARE raping white girls… and we need to face up to it”. This sparked accusations of racism, including from figures in her own party. Naz Shah, the Labour MP for Bradford West, wrote in the Independent: “Such an incendiary headline and article is not only irresponsible but is also setting a very dangerous precedent and must be challenged.””

I suppose my number one news story in the past week is what has gone on in Charlottesville, in which I have blogged my views (e.g. see here). Because of that, my eyes have been more on happenings across the Pond than on my own doorstep. While seemingly unrelated to the Sarah Campion story there is at least one common element: that of racism and I would also argue another: political correctness still dominates cultures on both sides of the Pond and Mr. Trump, Ms Champion and yours truly have all fallen foul of the PC brigades for having views we shared that the thought police deemed as racist. In the Rotherham case, the truth of the matter is that British Pakistanis ARE raping white girls, even though rapists come from all communities, including White British. It could have been added that the same Pakistanis were also Muslim. Before I get a torrent of abuse, I would like to point out that in my college and working life I vividly recollect three Pakistani, Muslim friends who I describe as true gentlemen, who would be abhorrent concerning the actions being referred to in Sarah Champion’s article. But damage has been done and even if Sarah were to back track with a more judicious use of language, she like me and Trump will be tarred with similar brushes, having attracted the wrath of the PC brigade.

The reason I was aware of all this was that I happened to tune in to last nights BBC Radio 4 “Any Questions” program, when the panel was asked the question whether she was right to resign, who came up with a range of responses. My answer would have probably been no, but given the circumstances it is likely she had little choice and it is to the discredit of the Labour Party and those further afield that the resignation of what I can only make out was a lady who was hard working, highly principled, and committed to social justice including the victims of these rapes, and it was more than regrettable. Yet rape happens and we fail to address the issues besetting our communities when we are afraid we might upset some. This is bordering on tragic and I for one will continue to advocate for a proper understanding of what is going on, even if it means stating, notwithstanding a refusal to demonize etc, that we do have a problem with some in certain communities. It is for the same reason I support the much attacked POTUS for pointing out while he condemns the antics of white supremacists etc. he condemns wrong doing from the other side.

I can’t speak for Donald Trump or Sarah Champion, but if I were to be asked my own personal views on racism I can only repeat what came my way two days ago regarding what one cultural commentator, who is of the Christian ilk, said, who argued: “Biblical Christians, of all people, should not avoid or tiptoe around the issue of race. Shout it from the housetop without fear or favor: racism is anti-Christian. White supremacy is evil. Leftist identitarianism is evil. The idea that whites are superior to blacks is evil. The idea that whites are “structurally” racist is evil. The defense of racial slavery by the South in the Civil War was evil. Using the history of racial slavery to attack whites, Asians, and Hispanics is evil. Nazi ideology is evil. Libertarian Marxist ideology is evil. For Christianity, this is what really matters: all races are created in the image of God; all races fell in Adam and Eve’s sin and are born into sin; and all races can and should be redeemed by the blood and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The church is a multinational, multiracial, multiethnic unity of the people of God swearing allegiance to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The real difference in this world has nothing to do with race. It has to do with religion: Those who belong to Jesus Christ by faith versus those who have not trusted in Jesus Christ. The only color that fundamentally matters is not black or white or yellow or brown, but red: the shed blood of Jesus Christ and all washed from their sins in that atoning blood. Anything less than or different from this is contra-Christian”. That is in essence my view too.

As for my views on political correctness and the way the culture is going, need I say any more?


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