Seven reasons why I am leaving Google

Four months ago I posted a blog titled: “Replacing Google with Drudge”. I announced from that time onwards my Internet home page would no longer be Google but instead the Drudge report. While Drudge is looked upon with suspicion by some as an example of dubious alternative media, I have found the stories it posts (and its main page is refreshed continually) to be pertinent, fair and informative as to what is going on. While it does post stories we won’t find in mainstream media, the majority is in mainstream media. I have to say that a minor inconvenience is for half of my Internet usage, I still need to go to an Internet search engine, and that still happens to be Google, which in the main serves me well.

I gave reasons for being put off from Google, to do with its liberal, globalist biased, and while a one man protest, if that is what it was, is unlikely to change much, it is a start and we have to start somewhere. The scary thing is most of the information we access these days is Internet based and the main access to the Internet is via Google (including YouTube which Google owns), Facebook and Twitter, all of which have their own issues regarding fairness etc. It is also how many communicate these days. Besides worrying signs these are on the wrong side of the culture wars (reference the support these provided Hillary Clinton in the recent US Presidential elections) I am more than a little nervous that entities like these should have a near monopoly on something that is very precious – access to and control of information, and finding such that is true and balanced is immensely important. Access to information is one means whereby government can control the masses and why this must not be ignored. In my earlier blog I referred to reasons based ironically on Google searches how Google censored those whose views they did not find acceptable and even in recent days I have seen examples of this by friends who have had material taken off You Tube that was wrongly deemed inappropriate. I should add that having spent most of my working life in IT, I long ago discovered the value of the Internet as a powerful means of accessing and sharing information, long before cheap and fast broadband, and most other people. Even back then Google was my favoured search engine.

This brings me to a video titled “7 REASONS Why I Am Leaving GOOGLE ~ Social Media Influencer, Steve Cioccolanti”.  Cioccolanti is a Bible teacher based in Australia who specializes in end time prophecy and things to do with the culture, and it happens that a lot of what he says I happen to agree with and again, ironically, a lot of his talks are on YouTube (owned by Google). When he shared on this matter, he made several important points, some based on hard evidence e.g. when doing Google searches the results were often based on a particular point of view – in this case liberal, globalist etc. Given he sees one of the great dangers of the current age is people being deceived and that this is often related to the (often false and misleading) information they are fed or access, this and the other examples he gave are pertinent. His vision, which may well become a reality, is for there to be alternatives to Google, e.g. Bing, as well as to Facebook etc. A revolution is needed!

There is a lot more digging and delving to do to come to a definitive view on these matters and one that is based on hard evidence, and also a sense of perspective is needed e.g. while some material should be censored, liberal lefties aligned to powerful organisations like Google are not always the right people to decide. Alarm bells have been raised and the resistance has begun. There are other aspects too that needs to be considered, like the sharing of personal information and it being potentially and actually misused including by government, and there are moves to prevent this and identify what really is happening with the information that can be gathered by our using Google etc. I hereby serve notice that in the months to come I will be monitoring and reporting on what is happening.


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