Israel and the Middle East

I have been long fascinated with what is going on in the Middle East, seeing many of the momentous events we have been witnessing these past few years as highly significant, and this particularly applies to Israel for all sorts of reasons as I try to explain in my articles. I have brought together the relevant postings, including my attempts to make sense of what is a highly complex part of the world where a lot happens. I try to reflect on this and how we do/should approach the region from a perspective of one living in the West. These things have enormous consequences for the future.

Book 8: Last updated 05/02/2018

08/01/18 Understanding Iran

07/12/17 The USA moving its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem

10/11/17 The Balfour Declaration (2)

24/10/17 The Balfour Declaration

17/10/17 Making sense of the Middle East and Israel

05/09/17 Who is our natural ally: Saudi or Iran?

21/07/17 Islamists set to take over Europe using refugees as bait

23/06/17 What is happening in Syria, and elsewhere come to that?

06/04/17 What is going on in Syria?

28/02/17 Criticizing the Saudis

26/12/16 Netanyahu Attacks Obama over U.N. Resolution

16/11/16 Revisiting Israel and Palestine

08/10/16 Is World War 3 imminent?

29/09/16 Israel Says Goodbye to Shimon Peres

21/09/16 Syrian Truce broken

13/09/16 Israel and US Politics

09/08/16 Israel (3)

13/02/16 Returning to the Syrian crisis (1)

05/01/16 Sunni and Shia; Saudi and Iran

01/12/15 Syrian bombing and climate change deliberations

23/11/15 Should Britain join air strikes in Syria?

14/10/15 Boycotting Israel

25/10/15 Israel (2)

28/09/15 Israel

13/06/15 Middle East dilemmas

15/04/15 Navigating the new Middle East

05/11/14 Christian Palestinianism

27/10/14 Leaving Afghanistan

30/09/14 Iraq’s Eternal War (continued)

10/08/14 Letter to a Zionist friend

29/07/14 The Palestinian question (3)

17/07/14 The Palestinian question (2)

11/07/14 The Palestinian question (1)


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