Making sense of the Middle East and Israel

I have yet to meet anyone who has convinced me they have made sense out of everything significant going on in the Middle East and Israel, and the same to some extent applies to any other part of the world including my own country. In my e-book soon to be released, rather dully titled: “Israel and the Middle East”, I will bring together my blog postings on the subject, of which there has been quite a number. Israel is of course part of the Middle East and when it is not particularly in the news I get the sense that it still remains an intrinsic part of what is going on and given there are many folk from my particular brand of Christianity that have a fixation on Israel, many of the pro-Zionist variety, it merits as much consideration as does many of the other hotspots that I have tried to consider: Saudi, Iran, Iraq, Syria and several others besides.

Regarding Israel, the issue that bothers many, especially my liberal leaning friends, is it is deemed to be an apartheid state that perpetrates injustice toward the Palestinians living in the land. Whether it is the Jews or the Palestinians that are the victims or the villains has led to hotly contested debate. Along with that matter is whether or not the state of Israel should be allowed to exist in its current form and for many of my Christian friends who study the Bible, especially those who don’t subscribe to replacement theology or similar, the rights of the Jewish people to live in their traditional homeland and what they see as biased anti-Israel reporting is of great importance. That Israel is hated by many of its Middle East neighbours and yet some are doing deals that are undisclosed, and has a powerful military presence and nuclear capability is also of interest, as is the American attitude. Obama was anti Israel and Trump is pro Israel, and Israel has powerful leverage whoever is in power. These topics are considered among my earlier blog postings.

There are a number of hot topics concerning happening in the Middle East that have enormous ramifications for those in the West, for example the conundrum of how to deal with the refugee crisis we are now witnessing and which has a bearing on the Immigration and Islam debates we are now seeing. Another is that besides what is happening in North Korea, what we are seeing in Syria, for example, and the stand offs between the USA and Russia, and their respective allies, could lead to a third World War. Syria is complicated and it is one of many subjects where we have not been served well my media reporting. I have had reason to change my views as events unfold and my knowledge has increased. Into the mix goes a discredited Syrian government, those that oppose the government that include freedom fighters (the maybe good guys) and ISIS (the definitely bad guys). Syria has become a battle ground for another reason. On one hand, USA has supported those wanting to bring down the Assad regime, along with their allies, including the UK, and on the other hand, Russia has supported Assad, along with allies like Iran. How the USA responds is interesting as we see a president that has declared it doesn’t want to get involved other than defeating ISIS and his neo-con inner circle who does and the same would want to neutralize Russia, being portrayed, probably wrongly, as bad guys.

And there are other stories to and where to begin. For example, Iran and Saudi are both powerful and don’t like each other. We have seen with the change in US President that whereas before Obama had done a deal with Iran much to the disapproval of Saudi that now it is all change under Trump and this will cause all sorts of unintended consequences. Trump had accused Saudi as being behind the 9/11 attacks and is now doing deals with a regime that is behind much terrorism and pushing more militant Islam. Yes equal dirt can be dug up regarding Iran. Regarding Iraq, the vacuum left after Saddam Hussein was toppled has still not been satisfactorily filled and there has been considerable ongoing turmoil and much suffering, especially by minorities like Christians, aided by the rise in ISIS now hopefully about to be defeated. Other stories include the toppling of Libya’s Gaddafi leaving a still failed state and the damage caused by the civil war in Yemen. And not to overlook Turkey and some of its recent developments, which still has a major part to play as events unfold. All these matters have been addressed in my earlier writings, while only touching the surface. I am still sifting the facts, trying to figure out what is really going on, what are the wider implications, what will happen next and what should happen next.

It would be easier for me to ditch this whole Israel and Middle East business for something that is more straightforward. Sadly, I have nothing I can refer to that accurately gives a full picture. I merely ask the questions I think need to be asked and do my best to figure out what is the truth on these vital subjects. A further motive, at least for this writer, for considering these things is how Israel and its neighbours will be playing an important part in fulfilling end time Bible prophecy, e.g. Ezekiel 38, 39. These subjects remain work in progress, but at least I have laid down the gauntlet.


One thought on “Making sense of the Middle East and Israel

  1. paul fox says:

    I know I have said this before, but if possible pay a visit to the Holy Land.Go to the Holy sites, but also meet with Israelis, and Palestinians, and go to the West Bank, and especially visit the Bethlehem Bible College.I am sure this will give you an even more clear view of what is happening there.

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