Las Vegas shootings, gun control and the truth

I wrote soon after the horrific story of the Las Vegas shootings broke (see here) and like most was in shock and sorrow upon learning what had happened. While commiserating with those affected, I was awaiting the story of what actually happened and why to come out, in what appears to be a long way from being an open and shut case.

A lot of the discussion that followed soon after was around gun control and to what extent this atrocity highlighted the need for greater gun control, with some of the more extreme detractors suggesting this was a false flag attack to influence public opinion to accept disallowing of guns by the populace and thereby becoming prey to globalists wanting to take over. It seemed as far as mainstream media went most were content to accept the official narrative and not challenge inconsistencies. As I wrote, when the subject of whether or not restricting guns would reduce gun related crime arose in a Facebook discussion, I am undecided as to whether or not this would be the case and if there should be greater gun control, considering there to be valid arguments on both sides. What I would like to see is greater attention to facts when people venture their opinions (something I was rightly taken to task on) and there to be more evidence to be presented and respectful debate made.

What I did find disappointing was that more discussion has been centred around gun control than what actually did happen, given a number of things do not add up and, while it is important to allow those charged with investigation to be given unhindered space to do so, a number of questions still need answering. I neither side with mainstream media, who seem content to accept the official story, nor the alternative media, who might push their conspiracy theories as to what really happened. The only thing that matters is the truth and in due time I want to see this come out and not what too often happens – truth covered up by vested interests. As for the uncomfortable loose ends that need tying up, I am grateful to one friend for sharing three links to articles written by non conspiracy theorists pointing out some of these (see here, here and here).

I have little doubt given the number who have offered their views (for and against) on gun control and have raised unanswered questions pertaining to what actually took place, that we haven’t heard the last of the matter. I will continue to mourn, keep an open mind about guns and press for the truth to come out.

Update 16/10/17: Since blogging a week ago on the subject, the calling for more gun control has died down and arguably if the area where the attacks took place were NOT “gun free”, more lives might have been saved. What is worrying, however, is the truth appears to have been further suppressed. Yesterday’s Alex Jones show brings out strong arguments why the official narrative it was a single, unconnected gun man, who carried out the attacks, is NOT true (see here). The suspicious death of one who claimed there was more than one gunman doing the attacks (see here) is worrying, as is the authorities that deal with such matters covering something up and using their own terror tactics to do so. I still keep an open mind but fear we are a long way yet from knowing the truth.


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