Sessions under fire

I recently pondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall, have a brain the size of a planet (like Marvin, of Hitchhikers Guide the Galaxy fame), the wisdom of Solomon and the patience of Job. I don’t come anywhere close. But like many, pondering on the events of the day, I try to come to a view and often, after doing my best to get the facts right, realizing my biases, go with my gut when venturing an opinion. Sometimes it is a question of do I, or be like a wise, long dead mentor who kept his own counsel, don’t I?


When I blogged yesterday, I made the comment that having blogged a lot in recent days on Donald Trump I was wanting to ease off. But because he plays an important part in many different stories and since my avowed aim as a blogger is to provide my dossier of reflections over a five year period of things that I as a gospel preaching, community activist see as significant, it is difficult to avoid. But the story that I want to focus on in this post concerns Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, and the call for him to stand down or be dismissed in the light of another recently uncovered wrong doing by someone in Trump’s team.

There is no shortage of material relating to the story and I have tried to take in reports, often linked to commentary, that are both sympathetic to Sessions and indignant toward those who oppose him and those which adopt the opposite position, and this from mainstream, alternative and social media. Rather than do a poor job of putting in my own words what the story is and examples of reactions from the different factions, I defer to the fairly neutral BBC report covering a lot of the pertinent detail. For a report that is more pro Sessions (which echos a number of my own sentiments) and that argues his detractors are coming up with yet another ploy to destabilize the Trump administration, I refer to the Sean Hannity (of Fox News) yesterday’s broadcast, where this is the main item.

Having tried to take in the various perspectives and recognizing my limitations and that I could be wrong, I am inclined to agree with the President who tweeted “Jeff Sessions is an honest man. He did not say anything wrong. He could have stated his response more accurately, but it was clearly not….” While this does not let Sessions, Trump or any member of the Trump administration off the hook when they are wrong or provide an excuse for not explaining themselves, I feel my take must be set out for the record. I am fed up with anti-Trumpers milking the Russian conspiracy story (that seems to me more about hot air than content) and coming up with unfounded pontifications as well as pointing to the speck in another eye while missing the plank in our own (Matthew 7:3), conveniently ignoring comparable misdemeanors coming from figures on their side. I note Sessions has been vilified concerning his past record.

While I recognize Sessions is far from perfect, I am inclined to believe he has many fine qualities and is the right man for the job and he be allowed to continue. I hope any wrong doing, irrespective who does it, will be exposed. I look forward, with trepidation, when we all have to stand before our Maker and give an account of every word spoken and action taken, when all truth will be revealed.


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