Trumpwatch (27)

It has been three months since I last added an installment to my Trumpwatch series (see here) so an update is overdue even though it is August, the time things tend to go quiet or silly. Rather than discuss what has been happening in the world of Trump, I thought I would consolidate and raise a matter that bothers me and also extend an olive branch to my anti Trump friends how to proceed.

Regarding consolidating, upon checking on my recent blog posts I found FIVE since my last Trumpwatch post that are relevant:

  1. Jezebel Jehu and Trump – connecting the dots – a reflection on the Bible character Jehu and his anointing by God to undo the dastardly legacy of Jezebel. I see parallels with Trump.
  2. Racism, racists and Trump – a personal perspective – in the light of well reported criticism of Trump’s verbal attacks on certain people of colour, I reflect on how accusations of racism have been used to attack Trump and his supporters and shut down debate, as well as discuss whether Trump is racist.
  3. The case for Trump – a Christian perspective – given the number of well-meaning and doctrinally sound Christians who dismiss Trump as being bad / mad, I argue he is not just much better than that but in certain areas he is carrying out God’s will in the way all the alternatives would not have.
  4. An open letter to President Trump – this is taking Trump to task over his treatment of the British Ambassador whose leaked memos attacked Trump and his administration.
  5. Paula White, demons and praying for President Trump – considering not only the need to pray for Trump as we are urged to do for all in authority (according to the Bible) but reflecting on the spiritual battle that provided some of the background to Paula White’s prayer at one of Trump’s rallies.

As I often point out, while I support Trump and his agenda, for the most part, it does NOT give him a carte blanche to do what he wishes and as my open letter reveals I will call him out when he is in the wrong. Besides recognizing there is a lot none of us know for sure about Trump relating matters, a lot of the mainstream media is unfair in covering this and many have been duped as a result (IMHO). I write as I do as a watchman on the wall and by way of providing a corrective, knowing I am far from infallible. I am keen not to dodge valid criticism of Trump or defend the indefensible.

One anti-Trump friend recently wrote: “let’s have a discussion on the harm #45 HAS done/IS doing? How about a discussion on his truth telling (or lack of it to some observers)? Whilst I know you get that he is not perfect or the messiah (as some almost believe) we rarely get any substantial criticism where it is deserved. How about his failure with N Korea? Or his threatening to move troops to Poland (as if moving American firepower NEARER to Russia would ease tensions) Or his constant posting of unproven nonsense on twitter etc etc. What about his fiscal games…racking up MASSIVE debts with tax cuts for the wealthiest. What about his use of trade wars…are the Americans doing well out of these? Without any shadow of a #whatabout… about some honest criticism of a very flawed President? My concern is that his behaviour now will pave the way for an equally flawed next president who will copy #45’s practices which could be just as abhorrent. How about a discussion on McConnell’s role in holding back legislation that has the will of at least one house, and it could be two but he refuses to bring them to the floor? How about a discussion on the lack of action to prevent future hacking of elections? The Repubs are the ones in power, it’s on their watch…if/when the Democrats get back in we can be equally investigative”.

I daresay there are many more items that might be added to the list and it is a sad thing that intelligent, respectful debate is too often missing as camps are increasing polarised as Trump lovers and Trump haters. It is not my intention to debate the above criticism of Trump even though many of the points can be refuted with proper research. Rather, I would like to pick up on one issue that is often raised and used as an example of why Trump is a bad person.

I refer to the matter of separating children from their parents, who illegally seek to enter the USA, typically via its Southern border. I have placed a stake in the ground in a recent article, intending to revisit it later: “Immigration and the USA Mexico border crisis (1)”. I have also posted two photos / memes above. The first simply points out the separation of children policy was ordered by Trump’s predecessors. The second is part of a report: “Snopes Admits Obama Built Cages for Immigrant Children” with the caption: “Two female detainees sleep in a holding cell, as the children are separated by age group and gender, as hundreds of mostly Central American immigrant children are being processed and held at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Nogales Placement Center in Nogales, Ariz. June 18, 2014”.

I think both my anti Trump friends and I can agree that separating children from parents is highly unsatisfactory. But my points include: Trump is merely carrying out the policy of his predecessors but with the firm intention illegal immigration is stopped at the border. As for Clinton and Obama, they tended to take the view of turning a blind eye to illegal immigration (despite their rhetoric) or allowing them into the country only to dissipate within the country aided by sanctuary cities and the like. One of the side effects of this inaction was some of the children were sex trafficked. Not only is mainstream media aided and abeted by an assortment of Trump haters in its attacks on Trump but the ante has been upped as the number of illegals seeking entry has increased, urged on by globalist anti-Trumpers. It seems to me Trump is merely carrying out the law and with insufficient resources. However, while he is not helped by a political point scoring Congress, I would like to see him do more to have his cake and eat it, i.e. stop illegal immigration and have a more humane policy, especially when it comes to handling children.

This is one of many issues I would like to see a good debate among fair minded people and for a trusted independent source to provide us with the relevant facts. I can’t see it happening but I live in hope.


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