Trumpwatch (17)

One of the interesting things about being on the roller coaster ride of watching President Donald J Trump is there never ceases to be things to interest and often to surprise, and that without knowing half of what is going on. While I have been accused of viewing his presidency with rose tinted glasses, I would argue this is far from the case for reasons I will come onto. Rather than wear dark glasses like his detractors, some of which (I hope) are still friends, I try to see things through a clear lens despite not being able to see everything.

I was amused and bemused when a few days a Facebook friend shared a story regarding a group of Evangelical Christian women leaders who were horrified when they found Trump had won the US presidential election and still now their feelings were still much the same, and this against a backdrop of a majority of US evangelicals supporting Trump then and now. I realize there are many who still feel the same about Trump’s faults and my efforts changing people’s perceptions of the man and more importantly why his leadership should be seen in positive terms has not been too successful. Moreover the vitriol spewed out by the bad guys, some who are members of the swamp that looks like it is starting to get drained does not abate. One awaits the next false flag, maybe even one aimed at the liberal establishment, to derail the man and his agenda.

Talking about false flags, this brings me onto the one thing Trump appears to be doing that is very wrong. He bombed Syria and no doubt boosted his ratings and appeased the neocons for a little while, and all this because Assad had chemically attacked his own people. Assad is not a nice man but then neither are many of the rebels that Obama armed. And neither do I reckon will he attack his own people when he appears to be consolidating his power and winning the war against Isis. Big mistake Mr. President! Cyrus you maybe but God you most definitely ain’t, and you need to wake up to being manipulated into getting involved in an avoidable war that your enemies are quite keen to see happen, for dubious ends.

That off my chest and true to his enigmatic persona and to the astonishment of pundits he appears to have been the key factor in brokering a deal between rocket man himself and his South Korean counterpart. Few would argue that brokering a peace between the two Koreas is highly significant for the cause of world peace. While his colorful stand up to the playground bully techniques received a deal of criticism, he at least achieved something his predecessors who tried to keep said bully quiet by giving him sweets, did not, but given the hostility of mainstream press I doubt not too many will be making these points. But we are a long way from being out of the woods yet. Think Israel and Iran and the sabre rattling going on there, and then there is the global aspirations of Russia and China, and unlike most, I see China as a greater threat than Russia.

And Trump continues to play golf. Well done sir, you deserve it, and if you work better that way good for you, but watch your back. While he has no doubt wised up in his year and a bit in office, he still seems a long way from getting the right team around him – a subject in its own right that requires further investigation. And before people have a dig, I should point out the team around his predecessor comprised a number who I would put in the scum class, but then what do I know? Pray here for the good guys to come to the fore – Amen.  So the Mueller investigation continues and many ways to Sunday to get back at you Chuckie Schumer tries to strengthen Mueller’s position despite the House Intelligence committee declaring Russian collusion (in the election) is indeed a collusion. And Comey and Clapper, two members of the swamp, continue to make noises and Jeff Sessions (what have they got on you Jeff) still doesn’t go after them (nor the Clintons, nor Obama) – so why not? And of course there is the raid of Trump’s lawyers office, looking for dirt on the President, and what has that got to do with the original purpose of the investigation one may well wonder. I have not doubt dirt will be found on Trump, as I doubt it would if most of us were subject to forensic scrutiny, so I look forward to the next episode.

Meanwhile the roller coaster continues to roll and exciting / alarming happenings are just up the road (so watch this space). As for me, concerning Trump, I have no doubt there is bad and mad but unlike one clever clogs Facebook poster looking back at the character and achievements of past Presidents I would place him closer to the good end of the good and bad/mad spectrum than most of his predecessors. As for Trump visiting the UK, the visit is on and soon, despite many objectors and threatened demonstrations. I for one will welcome him and am glad of the visit and, in the meantime, I must continue to watch and pray “Thy will be done“.


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