Trumpwatch (9)

As I have pointed out more than once in this Trumpwatch series, things are happening around President Trump at such a fast rate that it is nigh impossible to keep up. These happenings are hugely significant, not just for the Trump presidency and America but for the rest of the world too. Because it matters greatly, I cannot help but post on developments, mindful I do not know half of what is going on, and while I relish being up against a host of anti-Trumpers, I have to differentiate between opinion and fact.

In my last Trumpwatch blog, I reflected on the possibility, likelihood even, of a Deep State coup to bring down the President. The rather heavy handed FBI dawn raid on the home of Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manifort, to seize potentially incriminating documents, under the direction of special prosecutor Robert Mueller, is evidence that the attempt to throw up dirt on the President is if anything intensifying. The investigation appears to be going far beyond the original remit to investigate links the Trump campaign had with the Russians in order to influence the outcome of the US election. At the same time the dossier of allegations of impropriety by those opposed to Trump gets bigger by the day and yet there is no investigation concerning these, although this looks as if it might change and one senses that might happen soon. Meanwhile Trump is surrounded by those who are Obama holdovers, those opposed to his agenda who are close to him yet treat him with disdain, a possible Obama, Soros, Deep State conspiracy to do him down, and an inner circle who keep him from knowing about certain things that matter as to what is going on. Two stories: “Joe Arpaio, former sheriff in Arizona, is found guilty of criminal contempt” and “Intelligence Agency Caught McMaster Briefing Soros on White House Takeoverare indicative of what is not happening.

Then there is the North Korea nuke scare and one wonders how real this is. Trump has received a lot of stick for his “fire and fury” rhetoric, with calls for him to leave it with his generals, like James Mattis, his defence chief. It is a moot point and some argue he has left too much to his generals (did he need to bomb Syria for example), although he has an obvious respect for the military and its leaders, maybe too much given what is happening with the likes of General H.R.McMaster, and his chief of staff, General John Kelly, deciding who can see the President. Regarding the North Korean situation and the threats that have intensified of late by its leader, Kim Jong-un, its worth being reminded that long before Trump expressed an interest for running for office, he correctly expressed bemusement at USA policy under the likes of Bill Clinton, which effectively sold favour and secrets in exchange for a quiet life, which did not materialize, like with Iran under Barrack Obama. While Chamberlain’s misguided WW2 appeasement of Hitler may be an unfair analogy, I would rather see the Churchill spirit return.

I have no doubt within a day of posting this there will be further developments, some unforeseen, and further light drawn on these matters. While I have not given Trump full endorsement for his actions and am all too aware of his limitations, like a lack of political astuteness, even though many of his instincts are basically sound, I believe him to be the right person at the helm of state at this time and likes the way he tells it as it is, even when it gets him in deep waters. He needs to be wised up though and deal with the fifth column that is in his midst. I hope the good guys will rally round him at this time and the bad guys exposed for the scum they are. Trump should be focused though on doing the right thing and not getting wound up like an entitled brat. Whether or not he succeeds, I have no doubt a coup is underway to get rid of him. I will continue to watch what is going on, realising we live in perilous times, and report back on my findings and intensify praying for Trump.


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