Comparing Trump to Hitler

One piece of history which I have studied in some depth over the years, and which has particularly fascinated me because of the lessons one is able to draw, is the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler, the Third Reich and Fascism. I suppose of all the tyrants of the twentieth century up to the present day (and there have been many, responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people) one can think of, Hitler would still top the list in terms sheer evil. Over the years, when people wish to denigrate someone they reckon as being particularly bad, they might well compare him to Hitler and accuse him of being a Fascist. Since following the rise of Donald Trump to the US Presidency and observing happenings in his first month of office, I have seen that comparison made several times, the latest ocasion was when I checked out an article titled: “‘More Dangerous Than Hitler’?! Tucker Battles Anti-Trump Protester’”.


Anyone who follows my blogs will know I repudiate those claims even though I have many qualms. Yet, I don’t possess a crystal ball and cannot predict how things will turn out. I suspect his style lends itself to dictatorial tendencies and wanting to put down those who oppose him, although the viscous nature of some of those attacks makes me want to side with the President. But I still say it is early days and I profoundly differ with those who look forward to Trumps days coming to an early end, some of who are committed to making it so, on the basis of the good I believe he is already achieved and that which I expect him to achieve in the months to come. There may be other parallels to Hitler we might want to point to. Hitler came to power at a time of national crisis where there was a widely held view that the country had lost its way and needed a leader to restore some of its fortunes. As history now shows, this came at a tremendous price and one that only a few at the time was able to predict. I suspect, just as there are many, like the spokeswoman for “Refuse Fascism Now”, who are intent on doing all they can to get rid of Trump, there are many dedicated supporters who see him as the great hope that will help America become great again.

The polarisation of opinion on such matters is evidenced from reading reports of those attending Anti-Trump protests and Pro-Trump rallies, especially by those who are in the minority in their support or otherwise of Trump, some of who report much that is negative and even hostile. If nothing else, this indicates feelings run high and there seem little let up in the short term (war or some other national emergency is what traditionally happens to relieve that pressure). A friend sent me a report by an American Pastor that attended the latest Trump rally (in Melbourne, Florida), who falls into that category of being in a minority (not a Trump supporter) and reports things that went on that made him feel uncomfortable. This has been well reported and commented on as a Google search on the term “Pastor Tooley Trump rally” will show.

Speaking personally, I like many did not relish the prospect of Trump becoming President when it was announced he had put his hat in the ring. I saw too many flaws. Even when he became President, I had many qualms and still do. Yet on balance I see him as the best of a bad bunch. But more than that – while I am not a conspiracy theorist but I do believe there are powerful, even Satanic, forces afoot that had been threatening to take America and the rest of the world with it, further down a disastrous route, playing into the hands of an unholy alliance of liberal elites, Islamists, the Chinese (maybe) and rich, powerful, influential figures. That is what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had won. As my earlier blogs show, I believe Trump has begun to deliver in terms of doing things that are beneficial and, notwithstanding stuff I disagree with, is helping to turn America away from what I see to be its wrong path. Talking for my own neck of the woods, I see there is a need for hope and direction but fear people often look for it in the wrong place. I do not put my hope in humans; but rather in God. I am less interested in making America or any other country come to that great and more interested in recognizing that God alone is great and rules over all, calling people to repentance and doing the will of a great God.

While I am a lot more sympathetic toward Trump than the pastor who attended his rally, I can see his valid concerns and felt his thoughtful, moderate approach is what is needed. I resonate with his concluding statement: “At the end of the day, I’m a citizen of a nation – I have a leader who God is very aware and who has tremendous responsibilities. I MUST and will pray for him. I’m a citizen of this world and I must continue to see beyond my own limited world view to seek ways to obediently serve Christ. But greater still, I am a citizen of a different kind of Kingdom – the Kingdom that strives for peace, mercy, kindness and a love relationship with the King of kings. May God have mercy on me”.


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