Evangelical Leaders Challenge Trump’s ‘America First’ Budget

I read today in a report that carried the above title:Group of 100 prominent Christians worry severe cuts to foreign aid will reverse progress at reducing poverty. The leaders of America’s top evangelical aid groups and denominations urged Congress today to reject proposed cuts to foreign aid in a letter signed by more than 100 prominent Christians, including 2 of the 6 clergy who prayed at President Donald Trump’s inauguration”.


Given the devil is in the detail and I have not studied the detail adequately, I am reluctant to pontificate on Trump’s first budget. However, I note the concerns raised by these Christians and not only do I note them, I share many of them. While I agree that Trump is right to spend more on national security and on the military, in line with his election promises, I worry if the poor and needy are ignored and part of the devil is they appear to have been – big time. How else can you explain the consequences of those brutal cuts, such as the cutting of foreign aid that really does make a difference? In mitigation, some cuts were justified on value for money grounds.

And while we are at it, how is Trump going to balance the books in the light of the massive national debt that doubled in the reign of his predecessor? Or how can he deliver massive tax cuts and still protect the weakest in society? I suspect there is no easy answer. Budgets may be boring but they are also incredibly important and we need to take note and bring to account them that set the budget (as happened a few days back when the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered his budget and showed similar disdain for the needy) and reflect on priorities. These are all matters I will continue to monitor in the days to come, despite my support for Trump and his aim to drain the swamp, make America great and protect the people.


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