TRUMPianity or CHRISTianity

A friend earlier posted on his Facebook page an article titled: “10 Signs You’re Actually Following TRUMPianity Instead of CHRISTianity”. Here I go through the 10 signs and say how I scored:

  1. You spent 8 years criticizing every move of Obama, but the minute Trump was sworn in you started telling everyone that “Christians should respect the president” and that being “divisive” is a sin.

I criticized some of Obama’s moves and some of Trumps. As for the respect and division points, it applies to all presidents. I score ½.

  1. You think, “but we’re a nation of laws” somehow trumps biblical teachings on how immigrants are to be treated.

I am passionate about the biblical teaching on immigrants, going back to Leviticus and have done more than most when it comes to welcoming them. But USA (and the UK) do have a problem taking in too many immigrants of the wrong sort. Trump unlike his leftie opponents get this. I score ½.

  1. Your church is planning a “patriotic worship service” for the 4th of July.

Ok my country doesn’t celebrate 4th July (after all it when the USA declared independence from the UK). But I don’t do the English equivalent either (St. Georges day?) I score 0.

  1. You instinctively applaud when Trump threatens to “bomb the shit” out of people, but quickly push back if someone quotes what Jesus taught about violence and enemy love.

Not sure I do this, but then I am not a pacifist either. Guess I will have to score ½.

  1. You think that having a filthy mouth and boasting about sexual immorality is a sign of being unsaved, but when it comes to Trump you all of a sudden have a “Who am I to judge?” attitude.

Trump is simply wrong and needs to repent. I score 0.

  1. You think it’s God-honoring to refuse to bow to a national statue, but that you should be fired from your job, kicked out of the country, or even charged with treason for refusing to stand for the flag.

Mmm – the folk that take the knee are wrong, disrespectful and virtue signalling, imho, but then it is/should be a free country. I bow only to God. I score ½.

  1. You want the nation to return to “biblical values”… except for all those socialist sounding biblical things like caring for the poor, welcoming the stranger, giving food to the hungry, etc.

Not sure quite what the point is but biblical values include caring for the poor. If socialists want to borrow from the Bible, be my guest. I score 0.

  1. Your church spends one month a year celebrating the story of refugee family who fled their violent homeland and secretly crossed the border to safety, only to return home years later where their son became another unarmed person of color killed by the state’s violent security forces because they “felt threatened”…

Speak for yourself mate. My church tries to do both. I score 0.

  1. You claimed Barack Obama’s election was the result of evil forces, but the minute Trump was sworn into office you started quoting verses about how “God picks a nation’s kings and queens.”

I believe God ordains leaders, good and bad. When it comes to Obama and Trump, I see Obama’s election more in terms of God showing judgment and Trump’s more as a result of God showing mercy. I guess I have to score ½.

  1. You spent the 90’s saying “character counts” but now say, “We don’t vote for a national pastor.”

I said that in the 90’s and I say it now. And yes US citizens didn’t vote for a pastor. I guess I have to score ½.

I score 3/10; how’s that?

For the record: Christ will ALWAYS trump Trump.


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