Trumpwatch (15)

Who would have thought it – one year ago Donald J Trump became the unlikely 46th President of the USA and is still going strong, against many people’s expectations. Few would argue his becoming President has significantly impacted not only America but the world at large. Whether for good or bad is a matter of opinion and there is little doubt many have an opinion and these are sharply divided. Many in my own circle, ranging from Christians who I normally agree with to liberal leftie types that share my community interests, dislike Trump immensely and it has caused many a clash and falling out. Without wanting to rewind the record, I believe he has done more good than bad and is the best President the USA has had since Ronald Reagan, as discussed in my e-book on the subject.

Just prior to writing this article I was listening to a “comedian”, Rich Hall, reflecting on one year of Donald Trump’s presidency. I wasn’t surprised he was not pro-Trump but was taken aback by his vitriolic attack on the President, under the guise of comedy, and in doing so follows what has become a trend among comedians and mainstream media. Whatever Trump’s achievements are, and I have argued they are many, the one thing he hasn’t managed to do is to unite the country. No one can say for sure what the pro / anti split is but I have no reason to believe it is any worse than when he got elected. The attitude of many among the powerful and influential has been antipathetic, often bordering on hatred. Those who oppose Trump often do so fiercely in a way I don’t sense in previous Presidents. The one thing few will disagree with is Trump has a unique style, and it is not one usually associated with Presidents. He is populist, anti-establishment and nationalistic in a way most of his predecessors weren’t, as well as abrasive, enigmatic and unpredictable, and as for faults these are many and glaring especially when comparing with past Presidents who knew how to appear presidential and not rock the boat while committing villainy. He has done more than many to check to rise of globalism and attack political correctness.

I have to confess, following Trump has been a roller coaster ride and I have often found myself in the position of reluctant apologist. This has made me more aware of what is going on in the world, be more skeptical on what we are being told (and that includes by Trump) and more mindful of the evil in the world including the power of the hidden hand that would subjugate it. As I write the more recent stories that come to mind are his speech to a pro-life rally, his latest executive orders to promote religious freedom, his alleged s**thole comments, the budget that right now is not being passed by the legislature and threatening to shut down government and his clean bill of health. In all these matters Trump scores favourably imo. Where he doesn’t is his is still surrounded by neo-cons whose ideas for the Middle East don’t match my own, he is probably too pro-Israel and may be too much in the pockets of Zionists, is probably too dismissive of environmental concerns, and could do more to help the poor. Even the booming economy, job creation, stock market comes with a worry there is bubble waiting to burst, and always there is the threat of the unknown e.g. competing super powers, Russia and China, and how he might fare. But I stand by what I say – Trump is in his position for such a time as this.

I well recall the famous comment by Ronald Reagan “you ain’t seen anything yet” and this may well apply to Trump as he enter his second year. Attempts to get rid of him have failed so far but more is on the way I am sure and Trump will in true gladiatorial fight back and in doing so will continue to drain the swamp. Much as I love the guy and believe on balance Trump is good for America, he doesn’t get a free pass and if the polarizing hysteria we are now seeing can be curtailed we might even get honest debate and arrive at better solutions. But overall I feel he is on the right track and he has my support, but then I will not put my trust in any person, and instead in Almighty God, who raises up powers and also puts them down.


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