Gaza and Jerusalem in the news

Two significant things happened on Monday and the news became headlines throughout the world, and my Facebook feed has been full of it. The USA opened its embassy in Jerusalem, having relocated from Tel Aviv and there was a Palestinian uprising in Gaza resulting in many deaths and injuries. Events may seem unrelated other than both taking place in Israel, but it is likely the uprising took place to attract maximum exposure in the light of the embassy move and mobilize anti Israel and anti USA sentiment.

The point of the article is not to go over events, which are well documented, or even to take sides, especially regarding Gaza, but rather to set out my store, which includes consternation that this took place and there seems little prospect of resolution and further uprisings appear likely as well as an escalation of the war already begun between Israel and Iran. Rather, I want to add to my previous writings on the subject, included in my Israel and the Middle East e-book. I include these three memes as illustrative of some of the arguments being put forward (here: two anti Israel and one pro Israel). All appeared on my Facebook page along with well rehearsed arguments both sides, probably in that ratio, i.e. 2:1.

Based on my theological understanding, I am a moderate Christian Zionist. I still believe Israel has a special place in the economy of God and that includes the land that he promised to Abraham, and while hatred is to be expected their best days under their soon to return Messiah is before them. I believe in principle it was right to give the Jewish people their own homeland (Israel) in 1947. The Israelis taken as a whole are far from paragons of virtue and if they were arond the Hebrew prophets might declare they are wicked. The relationship between the Jews and Palestinians remains largely problematic, with injustice inflicted on and perpetuated by both sides, and I have yet to come to a fully rounded view as to where the right lies. Opposition to Israel, especially by states controlled by Islam, is rampant; some of it is justified and some of it is demonic. Much of the Gaza uprising was stirred up by terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah, and while Israel were right to “take out” terrorists intent on harming its people, some of its actions seemed excessive and a large number of the casualties were innocent people with legitimate grievances. The USA was right to move its embassy to Jerusalem; President Trump is to be applauded for initiating this.

While the uprising seems to have died down / been quelled, at least for the time being, there is little doubt that there will be developments and ramifications, and the propaganda war and threats from the likes of Turkey (let known Iran and Syria) are looking to intensify. While Israel does have friends in high places and in today’s politically correct climate many are afraid of being critical for fear of being called anti-Semitic, I sense that the overwhelming international sentiment is anti-Israel. While the conflict will be seen mainly in earthly terms, I see it as an essentially spiritual one. We live in momentous times with biblical prophecy being fulfilled by the day (my today Bible reading is Ezekiel 36-39). Peace is desired but peace seems far away. In the meantime I watch and pray and wait upon soon to occur developments.


One thought on “Gaza and Jerusalem in the news

  1. paul fox says:

    I think you need to visit Israel/Palestine. Meet the settlers, Meet Prof Jeff Harper, Of the Israel Committee Against House Demolition but specifically meet Christian Palestinians in Bethlehem and the Bethlehem Bible College. This will open your eyes to what is realy happening in the Holy Land.

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