Jeff Sessions out

The recent announcement US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions has been fired / resigned (and I don’t truly know which it is, but which I will get to) has come as little surprise to many, ever since the war of words initiated by Trump, expressing his displeasure when Sessions recused himself concerning the Mueller investigation. The timing of the announcement, shortly following the US midterm elections is no doubt significant and designed to cause least damage to the Trump presidency. The untoward reaction by Trump’s opponents, e.g. Nancy Pelosi, to Sessions standing down is to be expected but also ironic given some of the same critics opposed the original appointment of the Attorney General two years ago.

Appointing Matt Whitaker, Sessions replacement, albeit on a temporary basis, has caused some stir, notably by anti-Trumpers. Whitaker, who besides appearing to be supportive of the Trump agenda, appears also well qualified despite not being the expected choice to replace Sessions. He has already gone on record as being anti the Mueller probe and saying he wanted to see Hillary Clinton indited for her alleged crimes. The problem I face, along with the experts who have pontificated on the matter, is determining what is really going on. Was it simply a matter of Trump being dissatisfied with the performance of his AG and firing him, which is his prerogative, or are there aspects we don’t know? Then there are the political ramifications, and I have little doubt whatever Trump does it will be opposed by his enemies. The AG should be above politics and focus on the pursuit of justice of course. His detractors have argued that with Trump is in charge he has chosen to steer matters in his favour, although I suggest there is likely a loftier explanation.

Much as I would love to know the true answer, and no doubt the day will come when we will know, in the absence of having my spies reporting to me I can only speculate on what the truth is. I confess, for a long time that I was disappointed with Sessions. It appeared he was focusing on lesser matters, been a principle cause why the Russian collusion delusion has persisted, and has been inept at going after the crimes that were committed under Obama. Yet I wonder, if that was a smokescreen for what was really happening. He has, after all, pursued illegal immigration (rightly imo), has been an important part in pursuing elite pedophilia and sex trafficking, and played a part in tackling corruption in the Department of Justice, over which he presides, politicized under Obama, and in the FBI. Moreover, he has played his part in preparing inditements over powerful establishment figures, which are yet to be acted upon.

Even if half of that is true, then rather being looked upon as inept Sessions should be lauded as a hero. There is no doubt that with the new man at the helm and who knows what else besides, we are in for real fireworks in the months to come, including political drama and civil unrest. I have little doubt “drain the swamp” was no mere political campaign rhetoric and a swamp does need draining, and the Department of Justice, over which the Attorney General presides, is going to play an important part in doing the draining.


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