Breakfast at the Elms

Today I ate at a new venue, the Elms, on the London Road, in Leigh. I went there because a. a friend had recommended it, b. to extend my list of places whose breakfast I had reviewed, c. I was in the vicinity – having earlier dropped the missus off at the hospital and walked round Belfairs wood, I was hungry.

I arrived nearer 10am and found already quite a few people in the pub. I was served at the bar by a pleasant lady who explained the set up. I decided to go for the traditional English breakfast, although I understand other options are available to cater for different tastes. For not much more I could have gone for the Big breakfast but noting the extra calories I thought better of it. I also decided to go for refillable coffee (a snip at £1.25). In all it came to less than £5.

I didn’t have to wait long for the breakfast to arrive. But I had some gripes: the bacon and sausages were ok but not great; the meal could have been hotter, including the plate (important for slow eaters as I am these days, when the meal can so quickly cool down), the tomato element was very small and there was no place for substitutions (I would favour mushrooms rather than beans, for example). Having said that, I was glad I made that spur of the moment decision to visit the Elms while in the area as it were, and I enjoyed my meal despite my well intended criticisms and having come to a view it lacked that important wow factor, on the more positive side, I found it still represented goodish value for money. I rather liked having the opportunity of selecting a white coffee and later a flat white, and trying to spot the difference (I couldn’t find one btw).

I get why my friend and his chums go there for their meet ups (opening at 8am helps) but am undecided whether I would do the same. Looking at the menu, there seems to be a lot on offer and it may well be a place to check out for an inexpensive lunch or dinner in an acceptable / congenial setting and value for money. Checking out its website, I can also see the Elms has a lot more going for it.


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