Gnostics and hope

Gnosticism was an ancient Christian heresy, where one of the elements was that certain people had knowledge that only those in their group had and this was imparted through some sort of special divine revelation. Some discerning and skeptical readers may think: is that not what Christian belief is all about? My response is no but because that thought is ever present it is no wonder elements of the church have succumbed to this heresy, even unto the present day, and while divine revelation is a factor in opening blind eyes to see the light, true Christianity is based on historical happenings, first hand accounts, verifiable truths and what is set out in holy scripture that even the simplest among us can find out and understand, and of course a reliance the God will indeed work in the hearts of men.

A number of things have triggered this line of thinking and also the link to hope, which I will get onto. A friend of mine shared with me a link to a broadcast by an American fundamentalist leaning preacher, giving his verdict on the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. The object of this post is not to discuss those findings (check out for yourself if you are interested) but rather to pick up on something the preacher said (or at least I think he was in essence saying) that touched a raw nerve. I am not alone in wanting to understand what is going on in the world today (and why) and I have seen too many inconsistencies in official government narrative and mainstream news reporting to be more than a little skeptical. Because of that there is a temptation for some who follow  people like Alex Jones, to do so because they seem to have the answers, but at the same time one can do so blindly as a result of adopting a Gnostic mindset. Given we are not flies on the wall, don’t possess all the facts and cannot always discern the hearts of men, having inside knowledge as to what is going on can be quite appealing even if the price to pay is to become a Gnostic.

Today, I entered into a lively Facebook discussion concerning the latest pedophile allegations to rock the Catholic church. I did so mindful that Alex Jones and co has strong views on the matter and has argued that pedophilia is rife among society’s elite, who usually manage to cover their tracks. Thus influenced, I remarked that pedophilia was a lot more widespread than is commonly realized and often this involved powerful people, who are part of the Deep State, who arguably run the country (in this case the USA), the sort who could (if they wanted to and likely they did) take out the likes of Justice Scalia and Seth Rich and who knows who else, who were getting too close for comfort to unraveling what is going on regarding their pedophile and other dodgy links and which could bring down those involved if brought to justice (as they ought). I also commented in another thread that President Trump’s latest crass attack was inappropriate but does not change my mind that he is more likely to drain the swamp than the alternatives on offer, including Republican ones, evidenced by pedophilia being exposed, which likely would not have happened with those who are more in cohorts with and beholden to the corrupt establishment.

But here is the but … Much of my previous paragraph is based on conjecture rather than evidence that can withstand all scrutiny and it would be inappropriate and dishonest for me to go into Gnostic mode. While I might have qualms and suspicions, there is much I don’t know for sure. As for hope: as readers will discern, I do not hope in government wherever they are on the ideological spectrum (although some I trust more than others, which is why I feel inclined to get wised up and engage). Neither do I trust in individuals. For example, President Trump may well be a 21st century King Cyrus, but he is greatly flawed and often gets it wrong. And neither do I believe in anything resembling Utopia before the Lord returns, although we should work toward a better world. I am even skeptical about the church, even though I know it is the instrument God uses.

Having been disappointed by people, I realise my hope must be in God alone and my guide is not hidden knowledge but what can be found out by intelligent research, understanding the scriptures and relying on the Holy Spirit to lead me into all truth, although I love it when decent people who deserve my trust help in this regard. I take comfort that far better people than I fail to get what is happening in the world, but then I am merely the Lord’s “Unprofitable Servant”, who should be getting on with the things he has given me to do.


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