Harry the cat

I am feeling a bit virtuous, having done my good deed of the day.

A few days back, an elderly gentleman who I know let it be known that he had a cat, named Harry, that he was no longer in a position to look after, and this concerned him. I offered to help and agreed to try to find Harry a new, suitable home, although without success. What I did manage to do was to make contact, via a neighbor, with the Cat Protection League, who takes in cats and tries to find them homes. I met Harry this morning when I picked him up from my friend. Harry was a bit distressed in his cage, realizing something was up, but proved to be good natured and if it were not for the fact I have three cats already I might have taken him in to my home. Instead, I took him to a cattery used by the Cat Protection League, having first visited the Vet to get Harry vaccinated and chipped. I am glad we got a result, but I do hope someone will adopt Harry.


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