Our way and God’s way


I was struck this morning in church when early on in the service our pastor shared this verse.

As one might imagine, it was partly in the context of the bewildering events in the last three days regarding the General Election that have surprised us all and none of us wanted or could have predicted.

I felt uplifted hearing this shared and applied. Naturally speaking these events and many others besides taking place right now in this crazy world of ours can cause us to sink and if you are a depressive type like me, especially so. There is a sense of powerlessness, frustration due to not being able to control events, listened to, sidelined or acknowledged etc. and a feeling of being surplus to requirements and wanting death. But in the final analysis we can plan and pontificate all we want but God will have His way what ever our feelings. What we must do is to fall in line with his plans.

I have already shared on my pages recently the above two sets of verses from a book in the Bible that depressive types who believe tend to gravitate toward. Time and chance does overtake us all and there is a time for every purpose under heaven. It seems to me this is a time to hold our nerve and put our hope in the Almighty.

Later in the service our pastor preached on the above verse. Bear in mind pastor and church are of the ilk that verses from the Bible are forensically dissected and given a context, and in this case it comes after many weeks looking at the earlier verses in Paul’s letter to the Romans. It helped nail it for me as to how to think and act.

So if there is a lesson, realize the place of the one who is in Christ and live in that light, and if you are not this is the time to respond to God’s gracious gift of Salvation. So whatever happens in these crazy days, we can hope in Him, and let us remember:


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