Labour kicks out Hoey and Field

When I posted my “Margaret Hodge attacks Jeremy Corbyn” article just six days ago, I little expected I would be following this up so soon due to developments related to not so dissimilar concerns.

The reason is simple: following Labour attacking one of their own (Margaret Hodge) who I regard as one of the good guys, they did something similar to two other staunch Labourites, who have given sterling service over many years: Frank Field and Kate Hoey. Check out the stories: “Frank Field hits back after party no-confidence vote and “Vauxhall Labour prepares to deselect Kate Hoey”. Frank Field I have long admired as a principled politician and taking on the near impossible task of thinking the unthinkable by finding ways to reform what most agree is a flawed, inefficient and highly costly welfare system.

I agree as a non Labour member, albeit one who would love there to be a credible Labour opposition that can deal with issues like the economy and security as well as social justice and helping the poor, my voice won’t count for much. Except, while I am disappointed (to say the least) with the Conservatives, specifically over the mess they are making with Brexit, I am now even less likely to vote Labour when the next General Election is called, which given the way things are could be sooner than we think. While most people don’t think like me, I suspect many share those concerns and will turned off voting Labour, as they continue to ditch their prized assets.

For the life of me, I cannot work out good reasons why three of their greatest assets: Hodge, Field and Hoey have been ditched in what I can only describe as UK’s equivalent of the USA “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. Interesting days indeed, and alarming ones. Under Corbyn, new members have been added to Labour, particularly due to the Momentum movement, yet this has arguably created a toxic situation that has helped to break up the broad church of those who want to provide a credible alternative to Toryism. For this political junkie and patriotic Brit, I see only consternation since I can no longer vote Tory or Labour.


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