Covid-19 – where to we go from here?

I would much rather write on some other topic but Covid-19 has cast a big shadow on so much of our lives, ever since the start of the year, and just when we were thinking things were getting back to normal we find out that once again we are rapidly moving toward lock down, something today’s BBC headline “Coronavirus: Last throw of dice before the really tough call” elaborates.

I confess that when I heard about the Corona virus back in January, I thought little of it. When the government announced a three-week period of lockdown so the NHS could better prepare, while not comfortable with that decision I continued to take the view it would soon blow over. Then come summer as we were coming out of lockdown (or so it seemed) I still had that hope – but the government who follow the science think differently and are now caught between the devil and the deep blue sea by appearing to take the threat seriously and mindful many demand to have their lives back and will not take lightly their freedoms being curtailed with the inevitable side effects – further economic decline, more mental health issues, affects on children’s education, families and friends split etc., along with a distrust of government, whatever Boris says.

Everyone has an opinion from taking extreme measures to keep one safe to ignoring the threat altogether. I am pretty sure in the general scheme of things my views don’t matter much. Yet it is something that affects us all and if not personally the people around us and who we care for, whatever our view. All have a view and some are more forthcoming with what they think and how they respond than others. Unless one is content to remain slaves (and some are happy to do so as a price worth paying for not dying due to the Corona virus), we all want a way out to be found. I am more fortunate than most, having got away with things relatively lightly. The last six months has given me time and space to write the book I wanted to write – something that would not be possible otherwise. I’m lucky!

Yet I am concerned on several fronts. When a friend posted earlier a meme on her Facebook page, containing the one word “Scamdemic”, she received both support and the very opposite. My comment was “if it is any consolation, I tend to agree with you, and before people get on their high horse about NHS front line workers, I am married to one, and that makes speaking out that more difficult. I suppose my gripes are the measures taken are disproportionate and inconsistent and the truth is being withheld, and those who challenge the official narrative are shut down”.

I can elaborate but will refrain for now and instead point people to previous blog articles if they want to know what I think and also my frustration that while my gut feel we (as a country – and as a world come to that – some countries are more draconian than the UK) are going about containing what is a real threat wrongly. I have not researched my subject well enough to hold my own in intelligent debate and is one reason I prefer to watch from the sidelines and focus on how best to love my neighbor, especially the vulnerable and disempowered, like the elderly and homeless. I have discussed my disappointment at the church (in the main) response and this was reinforced when I noted when we go away soon for a few days that the church we normally visit has made it clear we won’t be let in if we don’t wear a face mask and adhere to many petty restrictions.

But there are two important things I want to say, however, not being talked about much. Without wanting to go down the conspiracy theorist route, there are concerns, especially given many influential people have been calling for a global reset, which among other things include global government, mandatory vaccines, and more high-level control, all of which I oppose and will do all in my power to prevent. I reflect on what various people think and, because I distrust mainstream media who do not report truthfully and have done a great deal of harm, in spreading fear and forcing inadequate reactions by government and the governed, that we are now seeing, I check out alternative sources, especially those who are being shut down because they challenge to official narrative. One is a sobering video presentation titled: “THE GREAT RESET: Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump” which I found particularly illuminating.

The other thing I want to say is have we thought what God might be saying because of Covid-19? Having been occupied with the prophets of the Bible these past six months it has been evident the question most prophets asked when there was a national calamity (what we are seeing is global crisis) is what is God saying and inviting people to turn to God. I don’t see too much evidence of that question being asked by our leaders and I do see evidence of turning AWAY from God, e.g. making abortion easier. My reading of the Bible is when the people ignore Him, He sends greater calamities even though the Bible teaches He is a merciful God. As for people feeling depressed and disempowered over what is happening right now (as I have been) I urge folk to trust in this merciful God.


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