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Of all the TV stations, the BBC is the one I follow most, although these days I rarely watch TV and it is either car radio (invariably Radio 4) or BBC iPlayer catch up or listening on the Internet. My favourite shows as far as car radio goes is the Today program and PM, when I listen while I am on the road. Other Radio 4 programs I listen to regularly are The Archers and TMS special and there is often something fascinating on some other show. Today it was “In our Time” and the subject was: “the Rapture”. Over the weekend I indulged my nostalgia watching a “Strictly Come Dancing” podcast.

I regard the BBC, despite its faults, as an important institution. Given the stuff I can and do watch or listen to and important services like public broadcasting and the World Service, and all WITHOUT annoying adverts, I for one don’t resent paying the annual licence fee. However, the faults are there and they are significant. Indeed, they have always been there. I recall in the seventies the spates between Mary Whitehouse (whose concerns I shared) and Sir Hugh Green (its then Director General) over broadcasting inappropriate material. I have noted when it comes to Christianity and subjects like religious persecution the BBC are poor and agenda led. My beef these days is about bias and it is not just me saying it. What about Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party agenda and my environmentalist friend, Jonathan Fuller, who feels arguments regarding climate change are being given short shrift?

This was brought home to me this morning as I was listening the Today program while driving my car. I refer to a lady interviewer who I guess was relatively new to the program and the Conservative Party chairman, when the main subject it appeared was Boris Johnson’s performance in Parliament yesterday. She gave him a hard time and came off better. Moreover, I didn’t have a problem with this. Casting my mind back over the years, e.g. to when Robin Day was operating and even until he retired last week after decades of service, but with caveats, John Humphries, I generally thought they were knowledgeable and fair, showing good humour, who tried to get to the bottom of what listeners wanted to know and earned the respect of the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, who knew they could not easily fob off. This was in contrast with the interview I was listening to yesterday. An American lady was being interviewed about the move to impeach Donald Trump. She sounded credible but appeared to be given free reign to argue why this move was justified. But she was not challenged and none of the points, if I were in the Trump camp would want put to her, were raised. When the interview was over it turned out the interviewee was the daughter on the one instigating impeachment procedures, Nancy Pelosi. This was an opportunity lost and it is unacceptable.

Much as I would love the BBC to continue and prosper, it is not what it should be. While, unlike Jonathan (above), campaigning is not my forte, waking people up, however, is and just maybe this will make a difference. If we are going to have a brave new world of impartial, intelligent, balanced, fair news reporting, the BBC has to change!


One thought on “BBC bias

  1. paul fox says:

    The BBC is very pro Israel. It always gives more time to Israel, then the Palestinians as it is afraid of offending the Israeli Government. They never make programs about the West Bank, ,the Wall/Fence, the arrest and imprisonment of young children (for 6 months), and how all this affects the ordinary Palestinian in the street. They have their houses knocked down, and their olive trees cut down and burnt. Shepherd have their sheep and goats killed and farmers have their crops trashed by Settlers. None of this is reported by the BBC. When I was in Israel/Palestinian, some time ago, I spoke to a Documentary filmmaker, at the Hotel in Bethlehem.He said he did not expect any film he made about the Palestinian, would every be shown on the BBC. Channel 4, made a semi documentary, series called “The Promise” The story of a British soldier who in 1947, make friends with a Palestinian family, hears that next day the Israeli Army is going to attack their village. They give the Key of their house, to the soldier and go away. He promises to return the key when it is safe. He reports what he sees the Isaralie are doing, Killing unarmed civilians. He is arrested and sent back to the UK. He Keeps the Key safe, but the gilt nags him. His grand daughter visits him in the nursing home. He tell her his story, before he dies. The film then continues then she goes out to the West Bank, and meets Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and finally finds the very old lady and give her the Key. The irony is the house has been rebuild by an Israeli Settler family. It was a very good film, but sadly few saw it. The BBC would never make or show a film like this.

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