When hearts fail – watching and praying

Yesterday was an interesting day and also a disturbing one. It ended on a good note when me and my wife had a meal with some friends and we enjoyed pleasant company. But before that I was preparing for a Bible study (which I will get to), adding to my blog and observe events around me amidst heated debate on the rights and wrongs etc. It was a sobering experience observing well meaning people fall out due to different opinions. The issues that stood out for me were:

  1. The aftermath of and varying reactions to the Greta Thunberg speech to the UN
  2. News that the eagerly awaited UK Supreme Court judgment was that the recent proroguing Parliament was unlawful
  3. News that the Democrat dominated US House of Representatives are considering grounds to impeach President Trump

Regarding the Greta Thunberg story, I covered this yesterday (see here) and while tempted to say more, this will suffice for the time being. As for the Supreme Court judgment, I have no doubt there will be further fall out from this, especially in the light of the October 31st leave the EU date and Parliament resuming as I write, and will be addressed in my next Brexitwatch installment. As for Trump being impeached, this has been a recurring theme by anti Trumpers, who feel they now have something more concrete to get him on, and this will be addressed in my next Trumpwatch installment.

While the warnings of Jesus, like those to do with “men’s hearts failing them for fear” it also came to mind His promise of is His gift if peace and that God is ever on His Throne and in control, and will have the last word. One of my disappointments was that some of my Christian minister friends see things very differently to me and even one declared regarding these three news items what had happened yesterday made this a happy day, which was definitely not my sentiment. Two contradictory worldly sayings are “ignorance is bliss” and “knowledge is power”. Regarding the first, I was told today, for my sanity I should keep off the Internet, where much of my knowledge comes from. And while I recognize that wisdom, my studies of Ezekiel make me realise the importance of the role of a watchman, which was to warn the people of danger to come as well as God’s requirements for their lives in terms of obeying him.

The danger of having strong opinions is these can all too easily define us and create barriers where there should be none. As I have discovered it is all too easy to fall out with those who disagree, even when both parties seek truth. Given the issues identified earlier, whatever the rights and wrongs and one’s strongly held views, it is unlikely humanly speaking our watching and warning will make much difference, when people already decide how to act. Of course, it is right to warn, but what happens next is not down to us and as much as we may feel the rightness of our position we must seek to avoid discord and disunity when what matters truly is honouring the Lord and loving our neighbor who may oppose us. I am often reminded that Jesus told us not only to watch but also to pray.

Only the Lord has the key to resolve the seemingly irresolvable. Even though things don’t seem to be going well or how they should, He will have His way and all we are required to do is be faithful to Him. Besides praying for situations and people round us, it is good to pray with other believers. I note a quickening among Christian folk to come together to pray. While I feel some consternation Christians fail to understand what is going on around them, praying in unity is a good thing. And so is not allowing are hearts to fail from fear because the Lord is with us and His purposes will prevail.


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