Greta Thunberg and her stolen dreams

When a Facebook friend posted on his page the video clip of 16 year old environmentalist Greta Tunberg (see here) as she was addressing the United Nations on Climate Change, I rather had to bite my tongue when he added the comment “God bless you Greta” (much as I want God to be blessing), someone else likened her to being like a modern day prophet (much as it would be lovely to have such in our day) and of yet another person who “sagely” made the comment: “There will be a whole new generation of voters very soon. The current bunch of international politicians who take the polluting industry shilling are on a warning”.

Since it was not my page and I am learning the folly of p***ing on other people’s parades, I thought I would issue what is IMHO a necessary corrective on my own page (if I don’t, who will), mindful that only three days ago I had posted my own stake in the ground opinion of what is going on in the culture at large: “Climate Emergency”. I should state at the outset that I don’t wish to squash the desire of this remarkable young woman for wanting to make a difference concerning the future of the planet but I do take issue or rather have a different take on her concerns e.g. as outlined in her opening statement “This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words and yet I’m one of the lucky ones”. Moreover, alarm bells begin to run when I read articles like “George Soros behind Greta Thunberg” (see here) and see with my own eyes photo shoots of her with those I regard as the bad guys, milking the “crisis” for their own ends. While I may not go so far as one commentator who likened what is happening now to the way the Nazis manipulated and used young people to push their own dubious propaganda, I do see parallels.

Of course, the issue of climate change and whether there is an emergency we (i.e. all humanity and especially governments) need to attend to as a matter of urgency is a real one as well relevant because, putting man made CO2 emissions aside, we are causing environmental damage to the planet, but as I contended in my recent articles there are many other arguably more pressing issues besides climate change, which are hardly given a mention by those who influence young people, and despite being lectured by a sixteen year old whose science education is not much further on than GCSE, the science is by no way clear on the matter, especially the 10 year doomsday scenario. Since I wrote my article I read these three articles among others, that seem to make pertinent points:

  1. Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions
  2. The extinction of reason
  3. the following clip pointing out what young people might do better by attending to

My bigger concern, besides the veracity of “scientific models” that are being pushed by climate change undeniers or the way young people like Greta Thunberg are being “conveniently” used and manipulated, which in a way backs up her righteous “stolen dreams” indignation about an older generation that have let down Greta’s generation, but because they have lost the fear of God. and who now put children like Greta on a pedestal as a way to make us feel good about our own failings. This is further evidenced from noting her greatest fans are among the world’s elite, for climate change is a handy way to bring us into even worse New World Order tyranny.

What particularly bothers me is someone so young who knows so little beyond her very narrow climate change obsession is being hailed as a modern day messiah when in she is being brainwashed and manipulated and spreading a message of hate and fear. While I suspect vested interests deny man made human change for their own pernicious ends, the same might be said about them who personally gain by pushing this doomsday message. Quoting the Bible can prove double edged, and while we need to take a lot better care of our planet (and thank you Greta for making that point) the reason for climate change which cannot be denied are more due to factors other than the burning of fossil fuels etc., and without escaping my obligations, I still hold to God’s promise to Noah.


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