Del and Michelle’s wedding

I’m at an age now that I get to attend many more funerals than I do weddings, so it is nice every so often to attend a wedding of friends. This we did yesterday. The wedding was that of fellow community activist Del Thomas and now theology student Michelle Eversden.

It was a joyful occasion as most weddings are and one that has its own unique touches. One was that in line with the Bible parable of going out into the highways and byways and inviting the waifs and strays (for these two, this was the homeless population of Southend, many they knew) to the wedding feast, that is what Del and Michelle did, along with the many they had gotten to know over the years. Given my own interaction with these guys in all sorts of churchy and community related activity, I got to meet many old mutual friends, some I hadn’t seen for some while. We were able to have useful conversations during the party time that followed the wedding.

It was touching to see the assorted band of friends, family and well wishers, plus members from the homeless community, play their full part in the proceedings of the day including fully entering into the spirit of this joyful occasion and attending to all the practicalities of getting the show on the road plus tidying up afterwards. There was lots of homemade food, too much probably, and it was nice to take some of the left overs to the Soup Kitchen me and Del are involved with, later on that evening and when some fifty of the guests enjoyed what was on offer and were even able to take away doggie bags.

I daresay there is a lot more that can be reported about the wedding and already many a photo and comment can be seen from among the couple’s extensive group of Facebook friends. Both have children from previous marriages and all played a part in the proceedings. We wish them all every happiness and God’s blessing as they set up home together and face new challenges. I have no doubt they will do what Del’s email address sets out to do: “loving the least the last and the lost” and so I have little doubt will many of the 2-300 guests.


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