Reviewing Southend’s Soup Kitchens (2)

A little over a year ago, I posted on this subject (see here) in order to advise folk what is available in Southend as far as soup kitchen provision goes. Things change, often quite quickly, even when comparing what was around four months ago, as detailed in the rough sleeper leaflet (see here).

soup kitchens v2

I hope the above meme will prove helpful although no doubt there will be changes. Soup kitchens continue to provide an important contribution to the needs of Southend’s homeless community.

Update 23/09/19: When I published this one day ago I was fairly confident despite recent changes that I had got it right. I now recognise there is a Sunday operation which I have associated with Homeless Eats, although it does involve a joint effort. Also Mama’s Soup Kitchen is involved in the Sunday afternoon operation at the Sacred Heart church. Often it is the case that people see things from differing perspectives and the original intention was to list soup kitchens, when and where they operate. There are other entities that provide food but they would not be classed as soup kitchens and is why I list these in the green box. Given the idea was to produce an A4 poster, this is the best I can come up with in the space available. One of the many items of feedback was how well Southend is doing regarding food provision. It was noted that it was not so long ago when there was none but then was covered by ONE soup kitchen operating by the Focus Youth Centre opposite the Queensway doctor’s surgery. The man who played a leading role in getting this going was Graham Paine. Sadly, I recently learned of Graham’s death. I would like to dedicate this article to him for leading the way for others to follow when it comes to helping our homeless friends.


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