Reviewing Southend’s Soup Kitchens

I suppose Southend is blessed by having so many outlets for helping the homeless, including soup kitchens that run for six of the seven nights of every week (details of which are given in the picture). I reflected on this and gave the then state of play over a year ago (see here) and am pleased to note that the soup kitchens are still going strong and serving many guests (60-80 is not an unusual number).

Of course soup kitchens are a long way from being the answer to the homeless problem, which also is growing, but it helps and kudos to the folk who faithfully help out and to those who support the various operations. When people comment there are egos and infighting involved (which may be true) my response is do what needs doing out of a kind heart, get involved where you can, don’t burn yourself out, accept people do things differently, ignore the criticism, realize you can’t help everybody and remember who you are trying to help.

The homeless need is significant and when I return from “my stint” I reflect this is indeed the case and I am thankful for all who help.


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