Why at this time I can NOT vote Labour

I have often recounted in my blogging that while I see myself as politically neutral, I am a wannabe Labour voter. Sadly, every time I look for reasons to support them e.g. the ineptitude of this Tory government and multitudinous, unresolved social justice issues Labour might better address, things crop up to further blot Labour’s copy book, and I have to say, with regret, I cannot support Labour.

As a teenager, I took a keen interest in politics and was an ardent Labour supporter that veered toward the Left. The driving factor for me were issues that these days might be categorized as social justice and it was evident to me at the time that Labour were the Party that can best improve things. Harold Wilson was my hero and I quite liked Jim Callaghan. Then there were the doldrum years under Michael Foot, with hope of fortunes restored under John Smith, who sadly died prematurely. Neil Kinnock appeared to continue the work but not convincingly. While Tony Blair’s New Labour, modern, centrist, appeal to Middle England vision promised much, whatever it was he managed to deliver was offset by his globalist outlook, open the floodgates for immigration, a vision of modern Britain that seemed to throw out the best in traditional values and doctrinaire political correctness becoming the norm. Post Blair leaders were disappointing, albeit with varying qualities. It brings me to the present day. Austerity and social injustice remain issues, as does an NHS under threat. I see a party divided, taken over by doctrinaire socialists, yet unconvincing in areas Labour have been strongest.

In an earlier post, I reflected regrettably that some Labour “good guys” like Frank Field are being pushed out by the leftward leaning elements looking and it seems succeeding in taking over the party. Then there are the fudges when it comes to dealing with anti-Semitism. There is always something new to ponder, despite unsympathetic press coverage. Not on most people’s radar I would imagine is this story: “Labour praises council for banning pro-lifers”. While Labour is officially neutral on the abortion debate, this reveals that is not the case. And then there is the Labour Party conference, just ended, where three images spring to mind.

  1. Calling for a national strike
  2. A complete fudge over Brexit, worse even that the Tory sham
  3. Palestinian flags being waved and not a Union flag in sight.

All these points can be elaborated of course, where substance and context is all important. I reckon I know a lot more than the average person on the street about what is going on, and these bothersome images play on my mind. Notwithstanding, their current “for the many not the few” slogan that would have appealed tp me in my youth, instead of giving me a longed for reason for voting for Labour, these various blatant shortcomings are too many to ignore and reinforce why regrettably at this time I cannot vote Labour.


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