Solomon – a lesson concerning today’s politics

As is my custom, I often share stuff on my Facebook page that appears in my daily media feed because it strikes me as being pertinent and bringing out an important point I would like to see made, and sometimes people comment as a result …

Sometimes I share what Franklin Graham posts on his Facebook page. Yesterday he posted: “There’s a battle being fought in our country—between good and evil, between right and wrong, between light and darkness. It’s not new, but it has certainly intensified in a very public way. The battle is raging in the halls of Congress, on the Senate floor, in the Supreme Court, and on the media airwaves. It is raging in our city councils and school boards. Pray for our nation, that we would turn to God. He is the only answer for the problems we face. The Bible says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12).” One friend in his comments, and knowing that both Graham and myself would likely prefer a Republican win in the USA November mid term elections, asked the question: “So can we agree that if the Dems win either house that is also the will of God?” It happened I was about to go out to lead a Bible study on King Solomon and it seemed (to me anyway) that this and my response to the question could be related.

Much of the study was about Solomon’s prayer at the dedication of the Temple (2Chronicles 6:12-42, 1Kings 8:22-53 refers) that Solomon had commissioned to build as a place to worship God according to the guidelines laid down in the Law of Moses. Before that it had become clear that Solomon wanted to be a good king and one that ruled righteously according to God’s will and to do so he needed wisdom and knowledge, which he asked for. Because God was pleased with this request, he not only gave Solomon what he asked for but riches and honour too. Much of his reign would be deemed successful. Israel prospered under Solomon and there was peace in the land. But toward the end he turned away from God partly due to his marrying foreign wives and God’s judgment was a divided kingdom following Solomon’s death. The usurper that took ten of the twelve tribes away from Solomon’s descendants was Jeroboam. One of the remarkable happenings was he was anointed for the purpose. God promised He would bless Jeroboam if he followed the right way, which did not happen, and as far as the ten tribes went they were ruled by a succession of bad kings.

Going back to my friends question, yes, while He wants us to do right, God does ordain kings, even the bad ones, but we should always want righteous people to lead the nations for  righteousness exalts a nation (Proverbs 14:34). Regardless whether Democrats or Republicans win, it would be presumptuous for me to say anymore than God allowed it to happen. Sometimes He gives people what they want even if it isn’t His will. The Lord works in mysterious ways and for us there is a better way. Here is the sticking point and where me and my friend might disagree: while I accept politics is rarely a black and while affair and politicians are imperfect (which is why I tend to vote for the best candidate in my opinion regardless of political party), my instincts tell me that right now the USA will do better under Trump and Republicans rather than Democrats, even though there are those better qualified than me who think differently to me and may be correct if their choice may be better in certain areas. It brings me to the crunch question regarding rulers. We are called to pray for them, even the bad ones, (1Timothy 2:1-3), and unless it comes down to either God or the king, we must obey the king, even if we would prefer if someone else were king.

But Graham is right. We live in evil days and the powers of darkness are manifesting themselves in many and various ways, and we are in a battle which we cannot opt out for if we are following the King of kings. After Solomon prayed his amazing prayer on behalf of his people, seeking their welfare and Gods glory, the glory of God filled the Temple and fire came down from heaven to consume the sacrifices made. God was soon to reveal himself to Solomon, assuring him that his prayer had been heard. Within that response are the words given in the meme. While the promise was directed toward Israel, those of us who are “His people” can pray that prayer for our nation. Our nation needs healing, especially at this time, and we need to humble ourselves before God,  pray to Him, seek his face and turn from wickedness so that He might heal the land. He may use people, including kings and those in authority, to achieve this end. And we need to seek God’s face and not put our trust in kings.


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