Brexitwatch (13)

It was only a week between Parliament coming back from their summer holidays and it being prorogued and a lot as happened in that period quite likely proving that Harold Wilson was correct…

What is just as clear is much has happened in the ten days since my last Brexitwatch posting. Recent events have been well publicised; all and sundry have commented on the rights and wrongs of what has happened giving widely differing views. Since I don’t wish to appear like a gramophone record that keeps playing the same sounds, I don’t intend to recount events and go over my Brexit views other than repeat my hope the UK will leave the EU, as prescribed by law, on October 31st, ideally with a good deal, which as things stand seems almost unlikely, or failing that no deal at all.

There are several worrying aspects to the position we are now in, even from a Remain or Leave but only with a deal Parliament approves perspective. The judiciary and legislature over reaching their powers and involvement of “experts” is also concerning. A law has been passed requiring the Prime Minister to ask the EU for an extension to the leave date if no deal is agreed, something Boris has said he would not do. As for getting a deal, there appears little change in positions. For me the silver lining may be a Teresa May mark 4 deal with some token compromise over the Irish backstop may now be less likely as well as one of the other EU members not agreeing to the extension. This begs the question as to whether Parliament will pass a law to revoke Article 50 before October 31st, which is what the LibDems have just announced they will push for.

All what we see seems very messy with strong views on what should have happened and should happen being expressed from all quarters. It also became clear that Parliament was not prepared to accede to Boris’s call for a General Election with positions being taken on political grounds rather than the national good, although when the dust settles after Parliament resumes and the EU give their response, this is a likely possibility. The concern for “leavers” like me is that if that is the case the result of that election may not result in a Leave Parliament given the unpopularity of Conservatives, even though the same could be said about Labour, especially as Boris is not prepared to form a pact with the Brexit Party over the Leave / Remain matter meaning the Leave vote may be divided and thus letting in Remainer MPs to win seats. Speaking for myself, while my local MP has been consistent on Leave, I could be voting for a Brexit Party candidate, even though re-electing our MP who is prepared to honour the EU Referendum result is more likely if there is no Brexit candidate to oppose him. Looking at the national scene it is evident people are divided over Brexit, with civil unrest possible, and Parliament often does not represent people’s views, which is why I would welcome an election, as irksome as that prospect may be.


This brings me to a “spiritual” consideration. It seems to me the UK needs God mercy for all sorts of reasons but particularly at this time on the final Brexit outcome and even more given the spiritual malaise and apathy and godlessness of the nation at large. While I am inclined to warm to those who believe leaving the EU is part of God’s will for the UK, I need to respect other God fearers who see things differently, arguing that the poor and vulnerable will suffer most if we leave the EU without a deal. Discerning the will of the Almighty is one of life’s imponderables. For it could be even though the EU is a bad institution we should not be part of, it may be divine providence and God’s will for a nation that deserves judgment.

I have noted many Christians are becoming exercised to pray for the nation and even on social media I see calls to prayer. Sometimes it is from those with strong views of what needs to happen, thus creating a problem for believers with differing views given prayer should be made in unity. The Bible text quoted above is God’s response to a prayer prayed by King Solomon, 3000 years ago, on behalf of the nation he ruled over, and “my people” in this case is Israel. But the call to humble ourselves and pray is clear; it is the need of the hour.


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