7000 South Americans entering North America

One of the big news stories, at least from an American perspective, and I would argue from any perspective because of the implications and ramifications (e.g. Europe is still being faced with the prospect of many more Middle East immigrants entering its countries), is the convoy of people from countries like Honduras, marching through Mexico intent to enter the USA for a better life. See here – “Over 7K-strong, migrant caravan pushes on; still far from US” for a neutral description of the situation.

When I survey my various mainstream, alternative and social media feeds I realize that opinions are sharply divided as to what should happen next. As far as President Trump is concerned the people marching should be turned back and if necessary he will employ military force to accomplish this. The dilemma I face is coming to a view, not knowing all the facts, believing as I do in secure rather than open borders where people “coming in” are vetted, yet showing compassion when it comes to the way people are treated.

One BBC report that partly questions Trumps negative depiction of the marchers including criminal elements is titled: “Trump and the facts about the migrant caravan”. Typically, Judge Jeanne Pirro in her latest “opening statement” is of the view the march is as much a result of political manipulation to undermine the Trump presidency and derail Republican hopes in next month’s mid-term elections, and the marchers should not be allowed to stay in the USA unless fully vetted and having gone through due process.

Before coming to a fully rounded view how to respond, I want to know more facts e.g. to what extent are the people marching genuine sanctuary seekers wanting a better life for their families and what are the criminal elements? To what extent is the march being politically motivated e.g. done to embarrass the Trump administration, and as evidenced by the carrying of their national flags by certain marchers and it the association of some left leaning activists? Why are the countries these people are marching through not doing anything to prevent illegal entry to the USA, and is the USA action to withdraw aid etc. the right response?

It is sad, nevertheless, that desperate people are once again being used as pawns in a political game of chess that has no clear beneficial outcome and does not appear to be likely to end well. As one who has done much in the past to stand with sanctuary seekers, wanting entry into my own country, that concern has not diminished. I also get why “build the wall” is an issue and still part of the controversial Trump agenda. Not only is action needed to address the issues that cause people to be desperate enough to leave their country of origin, but the need to prevent open borders because it is a security issue remains as great as ever.

When it comes to economic migration, which is what appears to be the case here, things should done according to the law, based on what would be immigrants can offer, rather than mob rule.


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