Eating at feelgoods DINER

Today we took three of our young friends on a long promised visit to Adventure Island. The weather was perfect and they enjoyed their experience immensely, going on most of the rides and ending up on what is for many the highlight of their visit – the Rage!

Outside Feelgoods – “the Rage” is in the background

The question arose at lunchtime where to eat. We hadn’t brought a packed lunch (which is what I recommend to those on a budget) and didn’t have the inclination to go to McDonald’s or similar in the High Street, and didn’t feel inclined to visit one of the many other eating places on site. While it was the most expensive option, we decided to eat at Adventure Island’s own feelgoods DINER and we didn’t regret our decision, and we got what we paid for and more.

As a rule and since I am a local with knowledge, I tend not to sing the praises of seafront eating places, feeling they are too often over priced etc., but in this case I was more than pleasantly surprised. The welcome was cheerful and friendly and the service smart and efficient. The setting was bright and clean and the ambience was comfortable and served to make us feel good! But more to the point, the food was surprisingly excellent. Between us, we ordered two lasagnas, a hot dog, a vegetarian pizza and a chicken goujon, plus chips and drinks (I liked the tea). To cap it all, there was the music. Every now and again a member of staff got up and sung a song, generally (successfully) involving the children, and that along with the superb food gave feelgoods that important wow factor.

There are occasions when eating at a new venue it is done with little in the way of great expectations. As far as feelgoods is concerned that was NOT the case since my expectations were exceeded. Our feelgoods experience helped cement what was an enjoyable day.


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