Muslims control prisons and what the media fails to report

One of the items suggested for prayer at our church prayer meeting yesterday was regarding a Christian volunteer who visited Brixton prison to conduct Bible studies with the inmates, which had proved highly popular, being dismissed. This resonated with me given my experience with ex-prisoners being desirous to find out more about the God of the Bible. But concerning Pastor Song, he had been recently banned for doing so for what appears to be spurious reasons by the senior Muslim chaplain, backed up by the authorities.

The Daily Express reports: “A FORMER prison chaplain dismissed after 20 years of service has told how he feels he was discriminated against for being a Christian. Pastor Paul Song, who volunteered with inmates at Brixton, running courses to help rehabilitate violent offenders, also claims prisoners are being forced to convert to Islam in exchange for protection from gangs”. Christian Concern reports: “A highly-respected Christian volunteer Chaplain at HMP Brixton has been removed from chaplaincy work, and an internationally-respected Christian course banned by a Muslim Senior Chaplain, in an attempt to wipe out “Christian domination” at Brixton prison. As with all such reports, in the interest of arriving at truth and balance one should give “the other side” the right to reply, but from where I stand it appears to be a further cases of insidious political correctness holding sway and action so as not to upset Muslims. With odd exceptions, there is little in  mainstream media to be found to help one reach a balanced view.

This brings me to another report, which if it were not for the fact that part of my daily news digest is the Drudge Report and Info Wars I may not have been aware of even though it is newsworthy. Possibly a touch over-dramatic (but if the assertion is true along with drip feed anecdotal feedback from prisoners that had been incarcerated among Muslims suggest maybe not) is the report provided by InfoWars: “Tommy Robinson Fears For His Life After Being Moved to Heavily Muslim-Populated Prison – Some claim move represents a de facto “death sentence””. What seems clear, Tommy is being verbally abused and threatened and others have been attacked and killed, albeit by Muslims of the more extreme variety. These fears are therefore not unfounded as Tommy’s earlier experiences of being attacked by Muslims when in prison bears out, as others who have had the temerity of crossing certain Muslims can testify. When I did my truth and balance thing of checking out mainstream sources, I drew an unsurprising blank. Typically, when I tried to get the latest on Tommy by Google searching, I found the Guardian and Independent in typical fake news fashion last reporting on the demonstrations at the weekend when the focus of readers attention were drawn to some Tommy supporters who made Nazi salutes. There may be legal restraints reporting this story but the very thought this might be so, and we are not even being told about it, is itself concerning.

We live in worrying days and increasing I see the country I love losing its way and falling for an alien ideology that mixes Islam and globalist, liberal fascism, with people asleep. What has taken / is taking place with Pastor Song and Tommy Robinson bearing the brunt, with those running the country along with mainstream media in cahoots, is a national scandal. Hey guys, WAKE UP!


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