The Prophets of the Bible – an introduction

This coming Wednesday 02/01/19, at 8pm, at my church, Providence Baptist, I will be leading the first of a series of 8 Bible studies on “the Prophets of the Bible” to follow on from the series which I recently led on the Kings of the Bible. Firstly, I would like to say, friends are invited (the session will be 45 minutes).

Week 1: 02/01/19

Title: Introducing the prophets of the Bible

Reading: 1Corinthians 14


  • What is a prophet and why do they play an important role; what is prophecy
  • Who are the prophets of the Bible
  • How these relate to the kings of the Bible
  • True and false prophets
  • Well known and lesser known prophets
  • Prophets to be considered in the next seven weeks
  • Prophets NOT to be considered (4 Major and 12 Minor)
  • Prophecies NOT to be considered (relates to the first and second comings of Jesus and last days)
  • The need for forbearance and understanding when we cover contentious ground
  • A New Testament perspective as relates to our reading

This is a huge subject with a particular focus on the Old Testament. I won’t get time to talk about the 4 major and 12 minor prophets and will hardly touch on prophecies relating to the first and second coming of Christ. But like all scripture it will be constructive to consider the subject and my intention will be to cover all sorts of nooks and crannies with the intention to encourage folk in the things of God. I want to pay tribute to the late Winston Chilcraft, who encourage me to go where few these days go …

Week 2: Enoch – a man who walked with God

Week 3: Moses – the meekest man alive

Week 4: Deborah, a mother in Israel and other lady prophets

Week 5: Balaam – a “prophet” who could be brought

Week 6: Samuel – a prophet who anointed kings

Week 7: Nathan – a prophet who confronted kings

Week 8: The unknown prophet and other lesser known prophets


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