Meditating on the Song of Solomon

As some people will know I have long held a fascination with the Bible book: “the Song of Solomon”, ever since I was exposed to its mysteries as a young Christian, worshipping in a Brethren assembly, which put particular store on such matters. I came to realize that for many a Christian, given the challenges around interpretation, the treasures of the Song remain unlocked, which is a pity because therein lies incredible riches. When given a preaching slot at my church where I now worship, this past Sunday, I decided to make my sermon topic: “Meditating on the Song of Solomon”.

Here are the slides to “Meditating in the Song of Solomon” (the first three is a short presentation of the Church Winter Night Shelter program that ended (for me) the previous day) although I am told the audio recording of what I said crashed. I was able to link my talk to the importance of what seems to be the lost art of meditation and then select eight verses from the Song (one from each chapter) to mediate upon. Whether I will ever get to write that elusive commentary, delving into the treasures of a book that has captivated the thinking of Christians from many backgrounds, especially the persecuted church, throughout the ages, seems less likely now, but thus encouraged I think I now know the subject of my next sermon.


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