Is Jeremy Corbyn an Anti-Semite?

Yesterday, I posted the following on my Facebook page:Would a Corbyn government be a bad thing for the country? Is Corbyn a**e about face with some of his views? I believe yes on both counts. Is he an anti-Semite? I believe no. Is he an anti-Zionist? I believe yes. Does he pander to Palestinian terrorists and creates a rod for his own back? I also believe yes. Is antisemitism and anti-Zionism the same thing? I believe no. Are certain Zionist elements trying to demonize Corbyn by saying it is? It’s all getting complicated you may think. I don’t agree with everything in this share but I do believe important and valid points are being made and is the reason why I am sharing with and tagging concerned friends”.

The share in question is titled “As a British Jew I’m not fearful of a Corbyn government but I’m horrified at how antisemitism is being used against him”. My point is not to dissect what the author wrote, nor is it to agree or disagree with him, but he did get me thinking as have a number of people of late, especially now that Corbyn is under the spotlight because of his position and that his views on the subject upset some including Labour supporters, which matters given decent right thinking people should not be anti-anyone on the basis of prejudice or hate on the basis of them being somehow different. It is not unreasonable to want to come to a view concerning the man that is going to be the main challenger to Boris Johnson to become Prime Minister following the December 12th General Election.

I recall my late mother, who grew up in London’s East End just prior to World War 2, tell stories of how Jews were being spat upon in the streets, simply because they were Jews. Few nowadays would dispute this was clear abuse and an unsavoury example of anti-Semitism, yet sadly the history of the Jewish people contains many and much worse instances of anti-Semitism, going back to before the Book of Esther in the Old Testament when the enemies of the Jews sought to destroy them, and which the Wikipedia article on the subject contains many examples. But is Corbyn an anti-Semite?

Following my posting on my Facebook page, a number of friends waded in, giving reasons and examples why they thought he was or was not an anti-Semite. Having checked these out, I am still not convinced he is, even though there are fellow Labourites that have disagreed and notably an influential contingent that are pro-Israel. I do believe, however, many of his actions and pronouncements indicate he is anti-Israel and pro Palestine. Interesting two of my not particularly favourite people, George Galloway and David Icke, neither of which I regard as anti-Semite and who probable share Corbyn’s antipathy toward the State of Israel for its injustices meted out on non-Jewish residents, have convincingly made the point that powerful Zionist forces have put out the narrative that to be anti-Israel is the same as being anti-Semitic and use it to shut down criticism of Israel aided by the power they wield.

I am not a Corbyn fan and believe a Corbyn premiership will be disastrous for the country, but I will be watching his opponents for fair play on the matter. The worse that can be said is his siding with terrorists and his bias against Israel, in distancing himself from a country I would want to treat as a friend of the UK is wrong, as his ineptitude when dealing with instances of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, as is his failure to call out umpteen other countries whose human rights record is worse than Israel.

I like to set of my record where I stand on anti-Semitism and Zionism. Given anti-Semitism is hostility to or prejudice against Jews, I am against it and will call those who are. As for Zionism, I am a moderate Zionist because God promised the land of Israel to the descendants of Abraham and those who subsequently convert to Judaism. Despite most Jews rejecting Yeshua their Messiah the Israel nation remains the people who have been especially chosen (a view that in recent days has been reinforced by my studies of Old Testament prophetic scriptures). I believe there is a glorious future prospect for the nation of Israel but YHWH, the Lord God of Israel, is not to be mocked. If they do oppress the foreigner in their midst (as people like Jeremy Corbyn argue they do) they will incur His Judgement too, but regarding Corbyn, while I disagree with his views on Israel, I am not convinced he is an anti-Semite.


3 thoughts on “Is Jeremy Corbyn an Anti-Semite?

  1. paul fox says:

    I know I have said this before, But I realy think you should go on a Ten day Pilgrimage with the Amos Trust (from a friend- I just come back from a trip to the Holy Land with Amos Trust, visiting some of the projects they have been involved with. It was a life changing experience, and I hope and pray that I will be able to visit again some time.) and see for your self how thing are in Bethlehem.

  2. For info: an explanation of what the Amos Trust stands for.
    (NOT a stance I personally have any agreement with)

    Amos Trust
    (Palestine Justice)

    Our Palestinian partners run community programmes to promote creative, non-violent resistance to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza – and work to relieve the stress and despair that the occupation causes within these communities.

  3. Glen Hague says:

    I am not an anti-Zionist. I think it is eminently reasonable that the Jewish people should have their own homeland, seeing how they were treated by Europeans and others, culminating in the Holocaust, and the obvious place where this would be would be where Israel is today.
    Tsvi Misinai, an Israeli researcher, entrepreneur and proponent of a controversial alternative solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, asserts that nearly 90% of all Palestinians living within Israel and the occupied territories (including Israel’s Arab citizens and Negev Bedouin)[101] are descended from the Jewish Israelite peasantry that remained on the land, after the others, mostly city dwellers, were exiled or left.[102]. The sad truth is that Palestinians and Jews are in fact brothers, and what divides them is religion, Muslims and Christians one one side and Jews on the other. If Israel stopped being a Jewish state and instead, became an Israeli state, giving all the inhabitants citizenhood and equal rights and relegating religion to being merely one of the characteristics of its citizens, among others, the problem could be solved. Unfortunately the fanatics on either side will not allow that and religion, mixed with nationalism in a poisonous brew, continues to divide the country into oppressed and oppressor, as in many other countries, and will continue to do so in the future…

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