Red pilling others, especially Christians

The terms “red pill” and blue pill” refer to a choice between revealing an unpleasant truth, represented by the red pill, and remaining in blissful ignorance, represented by the blue pill. The terms reference the 1999 film The Matrix.”

I have gone on record as saying that I use whatever platform that is afforded me, typically social media, to red pill those whose ears I have and especially my fellow Christian believers, many of who are blue pilled – in my humble opinion. This may come as no surprise to some and a shock to others, who might argue it represents both arrogance on my part and a sign of going of the Christian rails.

An explanation is in order as well as a recognition of some of the dangers of adopting this approach, including the Gnostic heresy. My own background is that of an outsider before and after God saved me by grace as a fifteen year old. I have often found myself out on a limb on all sorts of issues and now that my three score years and ten allocation is almost up and I am ready to meet my maker, not only do I no longer care what people think but I owe it to support the next generation of those who question the official narrative?

Before I go on I want to ask some questions:

  1. Is Trump better for the USA and the world than Biden?
  2. Was there an attempt to steal the recent USA election?
  3. Is China the major threat when it comes to world powers?
  4. Is Islam the major threat when it comes to religion?
  5. Is Abortion the most important social justice issue?
  6. Is Climate change something that is wrongly hyped up?
  7. Is there a concerted effort to destroy marriage, family, religion?
  8. Should we be concerned about imposition of Covid vaccines?
  9. Should the UK leave the EU with no deal should it come to it?
  10. Is “global reset” about empowering elites and enslaving others?
  11. Is globalism / socialism worse than nationalism / conservatism?
  12. Should we be concerned with 5G and merging man and machine?
  13. Is the demon of political correctness trying to suppress truth?
  14. Are Gates, Soros, and many politicians (all sides) villains?
  15. Should we be more concerned with groups like BLM, Antifa?
  16. Is much of mainstream media fake news?
  17. Is big tech, like Facebook, trying to censor conservative voices?
  18. Is the recent interest in racial justice an unhelpful distraction?
  19. Is the professing church largely led by hireling shepherds?
  20. Should Christians be concerned with the above?

I can put my hands up and say “YES” to all the above and yet I know well intentioned “Christians” who say “NO” and we are expected to get along – right!? But before I continue I want to make a point and it relates to my recent posts on idolatry and holiness. As people of God, if we make a person, an issue, a strongly held opinion etc. our defining raison d’etre then we are in danger of committing idolatry. If we make fighting our corner on the afore-mentioned issues instead of saving souls and being Christ’s presence to our fallen world, we miss the point of holiness. If we fall out with our fellow Christian’s on these matters, however strongly we feel about being in the right, and fail to love, we disobey Christ’s new command.

Because we are fallen, fallible beings, however holy and switched on to what is going on we are, we are not going to get everything right, including our priorities and how we respond. I believe, I am right with my YES answers, especially to question 20. It would be remiss of me not to spend time arising out of my watching and praying, to share what I know, hoping I may red pill some, but always with the rider we test and weigh everything. I do so because we have been betrayed by our secular and spiritual leaders and mainstream media, and this I suggest is a major reason why many Christians are in the blue pill camp. In any case, while seeking a kingdom not of this world (and is why an over pre-occupation in world events has an inherent danger), I do so because of my love for my neighbor.

“Conspiracy theory” is a contentious subject and where Christians divide. Our interest should not be in unsubstantiated theory but, as our elected “betters” remind us, following the science (as well as the evidence). For the people of God, it is even more than that; it is about the need to fear God, just as the prophet reminded us.   


2 thoughts on “Red pilling others, especially Christians

  1. Andrew Hough says:

    To lump all these 20 statements together is clearly simplistic and wholly wrong in my humble opinion. Wisdom is proved right by her children. You seem to be happy promoting fear and mistrust. The apostles and early church did not concern themselves with such things but urged their flock to pray for those in authority – and this was a time when the authorities persecuted them. This letter appeared in a national UK newspaper today: ‘Any “truth” that deviates from accepted wisdom of the authorities is conspiracy theory. Any “truth” that deviates from the accepted wisdom of the conspiracy theorists is called propaganda.’ How true. Stop telling me how to thnk!

  2. ANDREW HOUGH says:

    I am concerned about your apparent “either /or” approach and the way that you seem happy to promote fear and mistrust. I agree that we should avoid idolatry but your observations seem to be idolising one particular view point and claiming the higher ground.

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