COVID-19 VACCINE – should we be concerned?

On May 14, 1796, Jenner took fluid from a cowpox blister and scratched it into the skin of James Phipps, an eight-year-old boy. A single blister rose up on the spot, but James soon recovered. On July 1, Jenner inoculated the boy again, this time with smallpox matter, and no disease developed. The vaccine was a success”.

I am usually keen to say “Amen” when people pray but when folk from my own church pray, as they have, that there should be a vaccine to put an end to something that has disrupted our lives for far too long, with devastating effects, I find I have to desist – and, in this my latest entry into the blogosphere, I want to say why.

I am not anti-vaccine and I am pro-science! I believe, as a child, I had all that was going vaccine wise and, when I had a child, he had all that was going, but in recent years, along with much else, I have had to rethink and, while not in itself that significant, I declined to take the yearly anti-flu jab when it was offered me by my GP surgery. I also recall as a young child being told about Edward Jenner (quoted above) whose action paved the way to eradicating a disease that afflicted humanity for millennia, and was impressed.

Amidst the rumpus over did Trump win or not the recent US Presidential election, his one notable public appearance was NOT to up the ante on election fraud but rather to announce that Operation Warp Speed had been a success and was ready to roll out (watch this space) Covid-19 vaccines. Soon after, the UK authorities made similar announcements and, when I searched the Internet to find out what this was, my first hit was “Covid-19: Health Secretary Matt Hancock will not rule out making coronavirus vaccine mandatory” and, suffice to say, I found this to be a disturbing statement because of its implication for civil liberties.

The issue of Fake News and Conspiracy Theories has hardly gone away and while there are voices, even in the circle I gravitate toward, that tell me to shut up, accept what I am told by the likes of government, mainstream media and the “experts” and, above all, flee from dangerous conspiracy theory, while I would rather be doing other things, such calls only stir me to do the very opposite. I am open to being proved wrong, and admitting I am wrong if it is shown, but as things stand I will NOT be taking the vaccine and while respecting individual autonomy to take or not take, if asked, suggest they consider the following – even if it means my being in the early batch to be arrested or worse because of not going along with the official narrative and being deemed a trouble maker.  

  1. Bill Gates (who has been pushing vaccines and has the UK government’s ear) is a villain who has done the opposite of what the vaccine is meant to stop – urge DE-POPULATION.
  2. The WHO (who is in the centre of the Corona response) is a corrupt organisation.
  3. Many leading experts, deferred to by government, have questionable credentials, including being in effect bribed.
  4. Big Pharma stands to hugely benefit financially especially, unlike with new drugs, as having limited liability, and historically they have been shown NOT to be altruist entities.
  5. Given the abysmal way they have handled to Covid-19 crisis, we cannot trust Boris and his crew.
  6. Do we know what is in the vaccine, e.g. products from aborted fetuses, dangerous elements and DNA altering substances and what are the side effects etc.?
  7. The politicisation and fall out of the Corona crisis have been monumental and provides some of the context for the roll out of vaccines and begs the question – what will happen to those who rather than taking the easy route, refuse to take the vaccine as well as those who do, given the side effects of the vaccine and the implications of controlling humanity?
  8. What is the agenda behind the Corona crisis and its aftermath, think global reset and is that what we want?
  9. Do we understand truly what the Corona virus is?
  10. Those who question what is happening, including making the above points even more lucidly, are being heavily censored.

These are from the top of my head and I dare say if I were to devote more time I can further back up the above points. Like all right thinking people I want to see an end of the devastation the pandemic has brought about – but not at any price! I suspect I will be dismissed by those who do NOT take me seriously and attacked by those who do. Some will call me an alarmist, which is true, but like Noah who warned those around him of a coming flood, I am duty bound to share what I see as a watchman on the wall. I am not asking people to agree with me but I am encouraging people to question what they are being told especially as many of the tellers can’t be trusted – test and weigh! And may God bless us all!


3 thoughts on “COVID-19 VACCINE – should we be concerned?

  1. Terry Hicks says:

    I feel extremely uneasy about the whole deal with vaccines etc and I appreciate the intelligent offering being made here,especially as it comes from those who seek after the Lord with humble hearts.
    I’d take the red pill too.

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