Five years as a blogger

I have just past my fifth anniversary as a blogger. On 22nd February 2014, I announced my presence with a blog titled “Hello World”. Credit goes to my then 15 year old son for the title, who helped me to use a piece of free software called WordPress (which I still use) to create my website. I have now posted over 1300 articles in my blog on a huge range of subjects and I suspect the time may come shortly for me to move on (but not yet). I little realized how it would turn out, that after five years I would be still going strongly and I would be posting on a wide range of subjects. But it has happened!

If I have disappointments, it is even though I am well read, I could be even better read, it has been instrumental in my falling out with friends which might have been avoided, I have not cracked how to make money from imparting my wisdom to the world and too few have read my important words! Other than sometimes my blogging giving vent to narcissistic and obsessional tendencies, I do not regret the journey I have made. I have sought to chronicle and comment on what is happening around me, from the sublime to the ridiculous, and while not taking the world by storm as I had hoped, I have woken up a few, provided a corrective to today’s paradigm of fake news and a few have said they were helped by what they read.

As a gospel preaching community activist whose mantra is to go “outside the camp”, while it is true I post on personal interests and fun items and may not always be right, I feel compelled to write about certain things because others, including Christian leaders who ought to know better, are not speaking out. So it is onward and upward. The days before me are few and then there is eternity. I want to pass on something of value for the next generation and, while there are practicalities around helping my family, friends and community, including activism like helping the homelessness, I harp back again on the words of my Lord: “watch and pray”. Blogging is an outcome of my watching; but praying in secret counts for more.


One thought on “Five years as a blogger

  1. Roald Øye says:

    I Iook forward to reading your blogs, John G. Barber . You are a good Christian brother. who presents balanced views on every item.

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