Hello World!

This is the very first entry to my blog. It is deliberately short and sweet (or at least it started out that way), which is a feat given my tendency to pontificate at length on all sorts of subjects. Given that the five publications that have been put on my website this day I reckon could easily have been contained in a hundred normal blog entries about an enormous range of subjects related to my own community activism, I feel readers will understand why the brevity. Lots of folk broadcast their thoughts on a whole range of matters, in one way or another and with varying depth and regularity, for all and sundry to read if they have the inclination, and I am joining them. I’m grateful to my son, Matthew, for setting me up with my website. Ironically, in a past life I was a computer consultant but am glad of this help on this occasion. I intend that there will be refinements in the weeks and months to come, including new blog entries and publications and, providing it can be suitably monitored, a chance to interact and engage with readers.

Like many, I have opinions on all sorts of subjects and often believe I am right, but then humility is a virtue that I need more of. Even so, we live in a crazy world and while there is room for everyone to have an interest and opinion, the interests and opinions that matter most are those of Almighty God. While I do not presume to precisely know what these are when it comes down to the nitty-gritty and every day details of living in the community, I do feel too often God’s perspective is ignored, and we all suffer as a result, and not often enough are we told or reminded of these things. I’m mindful of the need for balance (including both fun and serious items) and not to be so caught up in the heavens that I fail to resonate with or at least engage the readers. I relish the opportunity to put my point of view across and contribute to debate, especially with those who see things differently (provided they are polite) or on subjects where there is no one right or obvious answer. Importantly, I know that the people who actually do things that help others, ideally without ostentation, are the ones to be admired. The moral here is to be doing rather than saying. I’m not sure how my ideas of becoming a regular blogger will work out, but as they say – watch this space…