How to respond to the craziness going on right now

We have seen many momentous events in 2020, and we are still only a little past the half way mark. Reflecting on what has happened thus far (with more no doubt to come), highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, which has greatly affected all of us, and its implications for the future, is something most of us do and have an opinion on. To say we live in interesting times is an understatement and there are many more adjectives that might just as well describe the times we live in, such as crazy.

Since lockdown came into effect at the end of February, I have been quieter than normal offering my opinions, although as a blogger and “conspiracy theorist” there is a lot to write about. One reason is that I have found choosing one’s time to speak often gets better results and there is something to be said for watch and pray, and test and weigh. Another reason is writing my book has dominated my activities during this period, but now the book is almost done at a time when it looked like we were coming out of lockdown, yet the threat of a “second wave” looks like re-imposing the restrictions.

I am going to shoot from the hip (nothing new here of course) and give a matter of fact presentation of how I see things. Please don’t get me wrong, weighing the evidence, and every day there is stuff that comes my way that needs weighing, one way or the other, is important, but so is seeing woods from trees. Many of my views will come as no surprise to those who follow my ramblings. Some will welcome what I say as a breath of fresh air – so if I can encourage those folks then great. As one who has been depressed and even contemplated suicide because of the craziness and my inability to do ****** all, I owe it to such to give a word of encouragement, and just maybe my helping the great wake up that I believe is happening, is something I can do. Some will have the opposite reaction and what I write will be like a red rag to a bull. While I am not wanting to upset folk per se and recognize there is strength in unity, I cannot and will not be shut up when the truth is become ever clearer and I see the world going to pot, so to speak – unless … Then there is the middle group comprising those who choose to sit on the fence, prefer to keep their own counsel or have not quite decided what to make out of it all. My word to them is disagree if you must, but be an honest seeker after the truth, as those you rely on can’t always be trusted.

I thought I would start with an experience I had yesterday, which while no great shakes goes well to illustrate some of the points I want to make. Yesterday, I went shopping in the local supermarket and, given the recent changes in government guidelines, I wore my face mask (the only time when I do) with the words of my son ringing in my ears that the shop workers are not paid enough to have to face the grief of needing to challenge those rebels that don’t wear their mask. But I agree with the indomitable Katie Hopkins (see here) that it is puzzling why we are asked to wear a mask now but not at the peak of the virus. Her theory, which seems reasonable to me, is that it is to condition us to want to feel safe and accept the vaccine when it is available – about which I have serious qualms, like those suggested by Kent Heckenlively on the Eric Metaxas show (see here).  Katie makes other points like there are more cases of Corona because there are more tests being done and when it comes to fatalities, many of the main causes are not Corona. It begs the question, the devastating measures governments have taken the world over may be disproportionate compared with other pandemics.  She also opened up a huge pertinent issue around not getting our life back because of the lockdown restrictions and government taking over. I suggest it is worse than that – the economic catastrophe and issues such as mental ill health have been the price to pay for government, with many acquiescing, reacting to the panic and fear of death message promoted by mainstream media. Sadly, mainstream media does present a narrative, not always true, and many buy into this. Those that don’t, have to face the consequences, such as those doctors who have the temerity to suggest Hydroxychloroquine may be a treatment for Covid-19. My point is not so much to judge who is right or wrong (I don’t know enough to say for sure) but to raise and oppose the matter of censoring dissent and to encourage those who question a suspect official narrative and to discover for themselves the truth.

Which brings me to a video titled: “THE GREAT RESET: Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump”. The presenter recognizes Covid-11 is very real but points out that most who succumb recover. The reason it is getting the coverage it has is political rather than humanitarian, and is why so much is shut down, unlike in previous pandemics that resulted in similar amount deaths. He sees “the great reset” advocated by all sorts of well known figures as trying to bring about a new world order and the more the crisis can be milked and along with the social unrest, linked to movements like Black Lives Matter, the better, in order to bring about this end. The one person standing in the way is anti-globalist, Donald Trump, who is up for re-election as USA President in November and will scupper plans if re-elected. My own biblical perspective, is any new world order without Christ is AntiChrist, and will have a woeful ending.

I do not hide my support of the President, not so much him as a person but rather what he stands for when it comes to setting policies and, importantly, implementing them. Unlike Boris and his gang in the UK, who I don’t follow more than I need, being too depressing; they seem to merely react to events and dance to the tune allies of “the great reset” brigade, I see a certain amount of backbone and evidence of getting what is going on in the Donald. Whether he is a modern Cyrus or Jehu, I can’t say, but following him over four years (see here) has led me to believe he is the Lord’s anointed to drain the swamp. The fact that many more in the limelight UK Christian leaders are anti Trump (as well as prone to being too “woke” and not “gospel” focused), along with the cultural elite, only adds to my belligerence. I don’t know much about Wayne Grudem, who  I understand is a leading USA evangelical mover and shaker, and I don’t necessarily endorse his politically conservative views, but in his “Letter to an Anti-Trump Christian Friend” he gives many credible reasons for supporting Donald Trump in November’s election, as opposed to his main rival, Joe Biden. Rather than give my own list of reasons as to why I prefer Trump over Biden, by a huge margin, I would refer folk to this article.

From where I sit, things look dire and thus the dark thoughts I began this article with. The black hats seem to be winning and are doing so because we the people let them. Somehow, it has allowed liberal autocrats to enslave the populace, and the UK has got off lightly. But it isn’t all doom and gloom. Besides so much evidence in recent months alone of “love thy neighbour”, people are also waking up. It is true that in the natural a Biden presidency along with the Covid saga continuing on its present trajectory feels me with foreboding, but I follow God who is control of history and does what is right, and therein lies my confidence. As for those reading this, my message is you follow Him too and, moreover, don’t believe anything you are told without firstly testing and weighing!


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