Iran, Israel and Trump

I once had a boss that imparted some sound advice that I follow to this day. He shared that when confronted with some item of disturbing news and / or something important he couldn’t quite figure out, rather than dismiss it he parks it so at some future time when he knows more he can take this from his proverbial filing cabinet and make informed and appropriate decisions. As a watchman on the wall, mindful of the need to avoid exercising ideas above my station, I often follow that advice. What follows is an example of my putting that advice into practice while not neglecting my regular duties or having delusions of grandeur, be a watchman.


Just over a year ago I blogged on “Iran and Israel square up” with my opening statement: “Few would argue that the situation that is developing in the Middle East is anything other than grave”. The crisis that appeared to have been looming then appeared also to have been temporarily averted, that is unto recently. The relevant sequence of events have been well reported, including oil tankers passing near to Iran being mined (by who we can’t say for sure), a word of words between the USA and Iran, along with sanctions and pressure put on USA allies to support them, a USA drone aircraft being shot down over Iran and a military retaliation being stopped, if he is to be believed, by a magnanimous gesture by Trump to avoid loss of life, and still we are on tenterhooks.

Some will know because of my distrust in mainstream media I go to many non MSM sources for my information, not least to the Bible whose prophetic books I am presently studying. I am pretty sure once I mention that one of these is David Icke, because often he does “get it”, there will be some friends usually on my wavelength who will be suspicious. After all, besides being labelled as a conspiracy theorist, nut case, Icke has been consistently anti Israel in his pronouncements (and anti Trump come to that) although I would argue he is not anti Semitic despite accusations by members of the Zionist cabal as he calls them, that he is. One of his latest videos: “War With Iran – The Elephant In The Living Room” makes sobering listening and valid points not made elsewhere.

He sees the conflict with Iran that is currently being escalated as largely the result of an ongoing Neocon plot to destabilise the Middle East and promote USA and Israel dominance in the region. This has been ongoing for several years including initiating regime changes in Iraq and Libya, with that in Syria having only been averted due to Russian intervention. Trump’s pro Israel stance is well known, and here I declare an interest. Contrary to the majority of Christendom and much of the world, I am pro Israel, as much due to my understanding of prophetic scriptures, but am far from siding with the Israel can do no wrong brigade. Like many I watch with interest how the change in presidents from Obama to Trump has seen a fundamental shift in support away from Iran and to Saudi (reminding me of “1984” and is another of my parked issues).

According to Icke, and it is difficult to deny this, Trump has been surrounded by Neocons from the outset of his presidency, despite stating repeatedly he doesn’t what the USA to be involved in foreign conflicts without an extremely good reason why it should. Icke argues, he is also surrounded by Zionists or those who are part of the Zionist cabal, like his son-in-law and trusted advisor Jared Kushner. He is well supported financially by members of that same cabal e.g. Sheldon Adelson, and while I would not go as far as Icke in accusing Trump of being manipulated by such people, all this does raise alarm bells. One Zionist, Neocon, hawk in his inner circle is John Bolton (who has been rightly called out as such by the likes of Tucker Carlson) as well as the likes of Pence and Pompeo. I came across an MSM reporter doing much the same: “Trump’s war whisperer John Bolton | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley”.

I will stop here, mindful that the grave situation in the Middle East, I mention a year ago, and several times before that, remains grave. While I am a Trump supporter for many different reasons, including his support for Israel, when it comes to handling this particular situation I have reservations and pray that wise counsel will prevail.


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